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  • Aha, awesome :L I think the best shirt I have is one that says 'Jesus walks on water, but Chuck Norris swims through land'
    Where are some of the places that yuu most go to in London? Because I've always wanted to go and see Big Ben, go in a massive library and go to the Cafe' where J. K Rowling first started writing HP and touch the seat that she sat on....

    Me:Touches seat, "OH MAH FLIPPIN PIKACHUS! A FAMOUS BUTT HAS TOUCHED THIS!" Fangirls massively as people sigh! xDD

    I am a sad, sad person sometimes xDD

    Have yuu ever heard of Skins? I LUFFLE it at teh moment, I'm watching the first season. And yuu got Black? AWESOMENLY AWESOME! Yuu may have wanted White but I bet Black's just as good, what starter did yuu choose?

    Sorry for rambling on so much x3 (Sweatdrops!) Well whenever I go to London, it'd be cool to meet yuu, I wonder what we could do? (Imagines seeing Buckingham Palace!)
    WOW REALLY?!! :O link me pic naw,,
    Too bad for me that i don't know how to skiing on da snow ;c

    I didn't know that you could set up with lads too, haha XD
    Well school is awesome just to see your buds, but not for the teachers >>
    Well, it's still awesome that yuu've even been to London, I've been wanting to live in the U.K since I was 6 because I think it's a writers paradise because all the best writers come from there COUGH*J.K Rowlingownsforever*COUGH xDD (Sweatdrops!) And because of Doctor Who too, and David Tennant...(Drools!) I LUFFLE British guys! ^^ What version of Pokemon B/W are yuu getting? I might get Black, I dunno? And it'd be cool if I could meet yuu! (Blushes slightly) :33
    Oh god I know exactly what you mean. What also annoys me is how, even when you get older, they still treat you like a little kid. ¬¬
    XD Now the question would be, would I ever want to be a Slugma?...

    It's very good. I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I could have because I wasn't interested in it at all till I saw the ending scene on youtube. I don't regret finding it because it lead to me seeing the anime, but it was such a huge spoiler that quite a bit of the end wasn't as shocking as it could have been. However, it still made me cry ;A;

    XD The mark of a true addicted gamer... Well, if you are having second thoughts, think about two things: 1. Will you regret not going and missing out on the experience? and 2. if you did go, would you be able to focus on the party at all knowing B/W is waiting for you at home?
    Hmmm, never saw an real snow IN MY LIFE D:
    Soo i should goo ;3

    Duuuh, your teacher suure stupid, don't worry buddy, i really feel the same ;3
    There's a teacher who hate me alots, and i really don't care for her ~

    Soo don't care you too :3
    XD good point. But wouldn't there be only so much heat they could stand? You can't launch a charizard into the sun and expect him to live. or could you?... hmmm....

    I'll do that.

    XD that sound fun. I haven't done much, just school... Well, I did managed to watch the entirety of Code Geass R1 and R2 in less than a week... but I'm not sure that's a good thing. Great anime, really bad for sleeping schedule and essays.
    Heyy, long time no talk! I think the last time I talked to yuu which probably was last year, I think I told yuu that I'm staying in America at teh moment? Apparently I'm kinda getting an American accent mixed with my Australian one but some people think I sound british! *O* (Has heart attack!) I love the UK and DAMMY DAMM DAMN yuu for living in my dream city! London.....(Faints!) But I'll live there one day and become a famous writer or I'll just get fat on chips and die with a thousand cats in my house....

    ANYWAY ^___^ I know, I'm random like that ;3
    ....sorry, didn't like them much, exept only maybe the last one.
    Guess I'm not a metalcore fan then ^^
    I've looked it up in wiki, and it looks like I'm more of a...a...it calls it, black metal? LOL
    LOL I don't really know. I told you I'm ignorant about metal....
    Guess I'l try to listen to some, then I'll tell ya ;)
    And thanks for the advice ^^
    LOL Well, I'm still kind of a newb when it comes to metal...I listen to Cradle, Nightwish and WT.
    Know any other bands I should look into? ;)
    Sorry about the late reply >_>

    I bet the constant high temperatures would be pretty annoying...

    Cool, I'll keep that in mind ^_^

    SO, anything interesting happen recently?
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