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  • Four Scar Generals was the name forever ago, we're called Krodha now.
    Aparently there's two Krodha's, we're not the black metal one! Haha
    . . . Well, that just ruined my 'nice saying' moment. >.<'
    XD Kidding, kidding. . . . Somewhat. >.>' But either way, I'm glad you got a cat you got attached to right away. *rolls eyes with a smirk*

    How unfortunate. *sigh*

    Sadly, I couldn't make out most of the lyrics with the headphones (unless I wanted to blow my ears off), but interesting. Not really the kind of music I'm into, but I'll say it's better than others along the same lines. ^^
    8D Cute. Hehe. I think it's that way a lot of the time. Intending to get the pet you've had your eye on for a while, but once you get there, it's a different one you want. But I think it turns out for the best. ^^
    ^^ Thanks.

    Lol. I hate when that happens. Even when you put something in a place you know you'll check, it's not there. XD

    XD Well, I guess that's a good thing - if it's a show you like, that is. . . . Hmm. *starts pondering what I just . . . typed*
    Heh. Don't blame ya. I used to be a cat person too, but when I saw that pup. . . . *sigh*
    ^^ It's fine. Just a little more caution next time, please. ^^

    Lol. *pouts*

    XD I couldn't find them - but I did just now. (always in the spaces where you last expect. >.<)
    Anyway, I'll admit I fazed in and out listening to the words (I do that with every song), but it's cool. ^^ It reminds me of some anime . . . but I can't think of it right now. T.T

    Hmm, what are the first two letters of yuu're first name? Z....what?
    I'm sick at the moment, and I hate it T__T (Sniffles in tissues!) I've been coughing and sneezing all week, and I've had mah little sisters cat sleeping with meh, which sounds cute and all but trust meh, it isn't...

    Me:Sleeping in bed
    Tiger:Jumps on my bed
    Me:"Aww, kitty!"

    4 HOURS LATER...

    Me:Has Tiger on top of my back, "At least I don't have to get up!" xDD

    My cat Murdic (it's russian for, "Purr" cause he purrs a lot) aka Mr. Snookums, Doctor Whiskers, Mr Cookie, likes to massage this stuffed Gorilla mah mum has in her room. He likes to massage it and then sleep next to it. n.n

    And yesh, mah Cat gets weird nicknames because I am a weird person..................................COUGH*andcangetpossiblyboredandthinkofweirdthings*COUGH =D

    I watched that video of that Rebecca chick AND WHY! WHY! I think some of my braincells shriveled up and died :O

    And AHA!~


    I know I'm cheesy! (Blushes and sweatdrops!)

    Lol. XD I don't blame ya. *holds fist up* When in doubt, never train dogs again. XD
    (Also, please no fowl lanuage. In case I'm being watched, I don't want to have the wrong idea. T.T)

    XDX Haha! I won't protest. I'm sure that's true. *dully whistles* T.T

    ^^ I'll listen to it later; for some reason the speakers aren't working at the moment.
    *sticks tongue out* ;P

    Nah, it's fine. ^^
    Lucky you. He just loves biting me. >.<' Hopefully I'll be able to train him soon. . . . Though, I doubt I will. I've lost all patience with training. After Shippo, that was it; I quit. *sigh*
    Ha, sure. *rolls eyes with a smirk*

    Oh. . . . I knew we'd taint Hachi sooner or later, but I didn't think it'd be this soon.
    A short while ago, he fell asleep on my sis' lap, and when I came to get him for the night, he didn't move an inch. He was really out like a log - so bad my sis had to lay back to not disturb him. >.<
    But that's not the worst part: When she moved slightly to get more comfortable, Hachi fell off her lap (on the bed, of course); and he was still out! *shakes head*
    The record label used her? How? She paid for the record to be made... Neither the company nor rebecca asked for it become so.... well known :)

    I feel sorry for rebecca black... she never asked to become famous ...
    Ah, good that that's sorted!

    State schools can be bad, I hated the one I went to aged 9-13. But the one I went to for high school was an improving one and I actually found it to be awesome =)

    Are you having the Oxford/Cambridge dilemma then? They're both good, but I chose Cambridge because my brother went and loved it. And I'm loving it too ^_^
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