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  • XD Good for you. Much easier life. ;P


    Hmph. *pout* Oh, sure. Laugh at my troubles. . . . Kidding - somewhat. >.>
    And yes, it would be annoying, but he's so cute I just can't bring myself to get impatient with him. x///3
    Just today he tried wrestling me for my pizza. *shakes head* Like he had a chance. Lol. And he woke my sis up from her nap by pouncing on her head. XD Now that was hilarious! XD
    Let's hope so. Thanks :)
    Though one task was to discuss the differences and similarities between two given photos. I got a photo with a family eating in a restaurant and one with people at a concert -__- So I was like ummm, they're.......both have humans? lol
    Yep. ^^ Besides, I think I've grown out of three of the ten stories (which stinks, because one was going to be very creepy and mysterious).


    Isn't he? ^^ He's a cutie, but he likes to bite me, and fight my sis. XD He does a bit of both to my mom, but not to the same extent. >.<
    Oh, I have a lot of ideas. In fact, I have . . . *thinking* . . . erm, ten stories all together! (Though, one I'm doing with my sis; and another I'm doing with someone else) And I want to do my own vampire-like story too, but don't have any thoughts about.
    But it's four I'm working on now.

    ^^ Good, good. Well, I hope they die down soon.

    By the way, we got a new puppy today!
    I think he's coming for a whole week! This makes me happier than a year's supply of free chocolate, which would still be pretty damn good. :]

    Well it's good that you have the understanding with the people who matter =) And the people who matter anyway will know you well enough to discern truth from false gossip. It'll blow over once whoever is being a d*** and spreading these rumours finds a new target. Or maybe they'll grow up =P

    I had the chance to go to a private school aged 11 but declined it for 2 reasons: a) leaving friends behind and b) i didn't want to wear the compulsory skirt >.<

    You want to go to Cambridge? =D It's so awesome! Well, tiring as hell too. Contacts are good advice-wise, if that's what you mean. If you need advice on the interview stages I'd be happy to help ^^ Though I'll probably only be able to help much if you're doing an art not a science....subject? =)
    Friday, friday, gotta get down on friday
    everybody is looking forward to the weekend,
    Friday, friday, getting down on friday ...
    .....meh, not really. Tomorrow I'll have the speaking part. But eh, the hard part's done :)
    Unlike many other, I really used to enjoy contests and I miss them...
    Yeah the musicals are horrible. It even isn't an actual challenge anymore! :(
    Btw, did you notice there also aren't any slot machines?
    I'm sorta good, thanks. Just came back home after taking my FCE english test, and I'm tireeeeeed......
    Really? Jheeze that must suck! You should ask a mate if hes got wifi probs could snag the victini off him :p yeahh might go westfields today hopefully :)
    Im good im round the westfield area today! Staying at my dads for the night... im still waiting for the dream world -.-
    Lol. So true. But I just have so many ideas, I just can't help myself. xP Plus, I've tried writing one-shots, but can never do 'em right. *sigh*
    *rolls eyes with a smirk* Oh, never mind.

    ^^ Yeah. All good.
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