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  • Indeed =) Although I do miss my partner already. He'll come up soon to visit though ^^

    Bah, rumours, I had trouble with that in middle school, but it's just pure immaturity on other people's part - especially if they're older than 10 :/ Hope it doesn't bug you much :D

    You break up on a Tuesday? What is this I don't even - hehe, school's changed since my day :p
    haha, your teachers sure are stupidz xD
    sorry for inactive, buzy with school x: homework and exams ..

    soo how have you been? any news =3
    and yeah, just wonder, where i can have the five general anime pokemon avvie?
    want one soo hard x:
    Yeah. Especially when you've grown out of a story - yet there are people whom still like it, so you're (or at least, I am) forced to continue it. *sigh*
    ^^ Hehe. I meant . . . hm. My mom wants me to finish editing the stories soon, but not to rush to the point I get headaches (like the ones I have no inspiration on).
    And thanks for the advice, but because I'm so frustrated right now, I find the other two calm me down since I don't have to rush as much.

    Hm. Well, as I said, ignore them and make sure not to show it on your face. Works like a charm. Once they see they're aren't getting to you, the rumors will cease.
    Yesh, we are in the Dictionary under, "EPIC PEOPLE!" because yuu are epic win ^^ And I would do the same, that's why my parents didn't trust us to stay home by ourselves which blows... (Imagines playing music extra loud and meh and mah sister running around crazeh!) Hehehe....:3
    Don't worry, I'll figure out yuur name! Is it ....Zeus? (Taps head!) Then again, that's a Greek God, maybeh YOU'RE GOD! :O DUN DUN DUN! .....that's probably not it, damn >.<
    I hope I don't imagine some guy called Zac in a bra o__0 But I will imagine a giant panda!
    I was wearing a jumper with a panda on it that says, "HUG MEH!" and people kept hugging meh!

    Me:Waiting in lunch line
    Friend:"KIRRRA!" hugs
    Me:"Aww thank yu-CAN'T BREATHE!" suffocates, "I love love but I love breathing!"

    Wearing a shirt that gives out free hugs is dangerous xDD My friend is still ignoring meh and it's driving meh crazy, and she says she doesn't want any friends now. DRAMA WHY WON'T YUU DIE! (Stabs drama!)

    I also got mah friend Dan to watch Doctor Who because he's been dissing it non stop so I begged him to watch it like this:

    Me: Does puppy dog eyes, "Pwease."
    Dan: Sighs, "Fine."
    Me: (Inside, "OH FUDGE YEAH!")

    And now he likes it, he gave it a 7 out of ten but I'll make him give it a ten! (Hands Dan a million dollars!) If I had that....;__; but then, I would use it to move to London and write forever and just be a crazy fangirl :D

    LUFFLE aka <3 yuur music taste, I like Bring me to the Horizon, (i have their new song on mah iPod) 21 guns too =D I'm into a lot of different music like....
    Heya! I'm well here thank you, finally home from uni so I actually have a bit of free time lol. Not that much though, because every day I have a pile of revision, a schedule of jogging (my fitness is terrible at the mo) and I'm working an hour a day for mum as well to raise some funds. But with the sun out it's not so bad =)

    How are you? I doubt term's finished for you; we finish stupidly early =P When d'you break up?
    Neh. I'm just very annoyed that I have to write/edit like four completely different stories at the same time.
    Two I have to rush - and have no inspiration what-so-ever; and the other two are practically a rush too, yet I can take my time on them at the same time - if that makes sense.
    So pretty much, I have to spend most of my time thinking of ideas and working on the stories - which I'm not happy about.

    Hm. Rumors, huh? *rolls eyes* Awful things. Well, if you ignore them, it'll all vanish quickly, I'm sure.
    It's America xDD That's all I can say ^_^ But I think that they thought we would stay up late, not go to school, etc. Cuz I would never do that....:3 COUGH*maybeh*COUGH

    MY LESBIAN SENSES ARE TINGLING! To the Lesmobile! xDD But I actually don't have anything against gay people, they're still human beings, yuu should be able to fall in love with who yuu want n.n

    I've been thinking of names that start with Z and all I can think of is Zach or Zebra! (Imagines random guy on Zebra!) Or Zacbra! 8D I know that's lame but oh well! (Sweatdrops!)

    I'm in a fight with mah friend because she thinks I'm taking her friend away from her and now she's ignoring meh and stuff like that and I tried talking to her because I don't like her feeling like she doesn't belong but she's just being a pain in the FUDGE. -__- I hate drama, unless it involves a massive penguin and a talking panda or tv... =D

    OH MY FLASHIN TARDISES! I have that song on my iPod! We must have good music taste ;3 despite it being only on one song but still ;3

    Aww shucks, I live to be awesome or awesome lives to be meh!

    I found out that the guy that plays Ron in HP (Rupert Grint) his b'day is after mine! I MUST BE FEMALE RON! Minus male body parts, red hair, green eyes, gigantic family, magic blood and my best friend is being hunted by a mass murder that looks like a sea turtle :D

    I'm glad yuu think I'm a good writer, I've always wanted to be a writer since I was 6. But as long as I have a brain that thinks and a mind that explodes from the hotness that is DT, I am good ^^



    Die from the cuteness! =D (Gets bazooka gun and shoots yuu!) I know yuu will ^^

    ....except for the one at .31 seconds, that's just plain CREEPEH! O__o
    WELLL.....I wasn't allowed to stay at my house alone with mah little sister alone because obviously meh and mah little sis can't feed ourselves and our parents don't trust alone with a house to ourselves, it's not like were not gonna blow it up or something COUGH*totallynottrashit*COUGH =D

    LEASBINS, for some reason I have a creepy fascination with Lesbians that have Justin Bieber haircuts, they just fascinate but kinda creep meh out because who would wanna look like Justin Bieber? Not meh, even though I'm straight ^^ (Looks at JB) I'm not sure if that's even a boy or even a girl...

    Yuu seem like yuu have interesting intials though, I don't know many people that names start with Z...unless yuu count Zorro who isn't real sadly, maybeh I can become like Zorro...(Imagines cutting DT shirt with a KH) What? A crazy DT fangirl can dream :3

    I noe, I'm pretty creepy but my creepiness makes up for mah awesomness xDD And my extreme nerdiness! (sweatdrops!)

    NERD POWA!~ Doctor Who is a crazy obsession, yesh it is! My brain hurts from my crazy fandom, and I've realised, my 3 fave obessions are British: Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Skins (apart from Pokemon, manga, anime, etc.) DAMMN YUUR AWESOMELY AWESOME COUNTRY! (Sniffles!) Yuu make meh cry so D:

    And thank yuu for reading through my story, I'll keep you updated if yuu want, sorry for the confusion, my story is just starting tho ^^

    VIRGIN POWER! (Mary stares!) Well Mary is the Virgin Mother? ...yeahh. I don't know where that came from.


    Beat that ;3
    Haha naww havent been there in ages! I actually want to go there ^_^ and no it doesnt sound messed up :p
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