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  • I've been staying at friends House for a few days cause mah parents had to go somewhere so sorry for the late reply! (Sweatdrops and gives yuu massive cookie!) Nothing says sorry like a giant *** cookie ^^

    I still think it's weird how Edward and Bella are together, I mean, I always thought Edward was a girl? Or was that Bella? I can't tell because they're just so feminine COUGH*andarethecrappiestpairofcrappymadeuppeopleinliteraturecrappy*COUGH
    Oh Twilight, my hate burns for yuu like a extremely stupid hedgehog in a burning house =D

    Aww, thanks ^^ Me and mah little sis have the same initials but mines still cooler tho ;3 KH FOR FTW! And I'm working on this poster and I had to tie it up so it looks likkke a long telescope and I kept scaring mah friend with it.

    Friend:Doing work
    Me:Looks through telescope, "I see yuuuu."
    Friend: 0___O

    And then we had a light saber fight excluding teh fact that there posters bundled up and not actually light sabers =D (Blushes bright red!) T-thanks, hopefully I won't end up as a fat cat lady xDD

    I'm actually writing a book at the moment about a girl named Luci J Jones and a guy named Dratinious Wickerly. I might send it to yuu if yuu want to read it even though I don't think my writings good or anything >.<

    I think most of the school are Virgins (especially teh little kids who are like 5 and up) but I know Hagrid isn't a virgin ;3 ...........actually, I don't want to go there!

    OH DIDDLY DUM! Me and mah friend say that all the time now :3 I actually do a really good Ron from HPPP impersonation, cause my voice can go really high!

    Yuu make meh so jealous with yuur London talk ;___;

    What's something that yuu like? TACOS AND DOCTOR AND DAVID TENNANT AND SLEEPING IN RULE =)
    Well if I look on the brightside of it, even if all the best writers die alone, they're legacy lives on forever and inspires generations of children. .....except for Twilight, that'll make a legacy when Miley Cyrus turns into a giant dinosaur with a body covered in vomit that comes to life and smokes. (Looks at Miley Dinosaur sleeping in her own pee!) 0__O

    I think that's the amazing thing about love is that it can be so unpredictable and amazing at the same time. You can get to know people that yuu thought yuu would never talk to, much less fall in <33 with. ^_^ But I hate mushy soap operas though, THEY MUST BURRN IN HELL! and along with bullies too. T__T

    Aww shucks, thanks ^^ I've always thought that if I ever got published I'd use a pen name like, "Luna Ray" aka Moon Ray, I'm not a hippy, the moon is just my ***** xDD I know, I'm lame n.n

    What do yuu do usually do yuur friends, or friends that are girls? Like just go places, etc.? (Sweatdrops!)

    Yuu sound like a Pizza or something! *O* If yuu could be anywhere in the world, where would yuu be? I would be in London, in a massive book store or just walking around and enjoying stalking David Tennant ;3

    Jordan isn't the guy who likes meh, he's just mah creep friend who keeps going on about how he's never going to have a girlfriend, etc.

    Me:Looks at little kids, "I hope a lot of kids are still virgins.." XDD

    XDDD I'm a lazy bum too but its fun =DDD


    yeah, i went there :)
    From Marylebone, hang out around chinatown, covent garden piccadilly and trocadero (':
    oh damn, thats such big news xD I'm sure he was just overly excited to tell you :p

    Would never go into school on a saturday especially in uniform xD
    Just got back home from a reallly long day, went out with my mate. Shared sushi with my mate and bought myself a comic 8D I'm satisfied. Going out and about in uniform is NOT cool whatsoever, I get really weird looks from people T_T"

    I'm stuck on Victory Road omg... My Pokemon are seriously under levelled. Mostly in their 40s and I keep on getting knocked out by random trainers -.-"
    Yeah I've been chilling for most of the time. Screw homework mann I cbf haha! But I did go out today. Caught my eye on a new pair of converses, had The Joker on them so I was like 'heck yeah, why not?'. Now I've got myself a new pair of shoes and no homework done! Oh how glorious life is ^_^

    What have you been up to?
    With the whole DT thing, I don't mind, most brilliant writers die alone, so I'm good! ^^ (Wow, that sounded more depressing than what I actually meant to say!) And I agree, stop looking for the right person and then they'll come yuur way or yuu'll fall in love with the person yuu least suspect =D I've watched way too many romance movies with my mum xDD Yuu know what else is weird? That while I'm in America, everyone else here says, "Mom" and I say, "Mum" and we have other differences too. Personally, MUM FTW! ....it makes me feel oddly special n.n

    I know, Dumbledore is a pimp daddy XDD

    Today is my name day, since I was named after a Saint (Kira) I got some presents and stuff ^_^ I'm Russian, half American, little bit german and polish, and of course Australian. Basically, my nationality is messed up 8D

    Also, I like to annoy mah friend Jordan because he says really random things:

    Me: "Hi Jordan, what's something yuu wish yuu could do? I wish I could visit the set of Doctor Who or see the world's biggest waffle *O*"

    Jordan:"Yuu don't want to know."

    Me: 0__o "Why is it whenever yuu say that that I know what yuu're talking about?"

    Which Harry Potter character do yuu reckon yuur like? I think I'm like Hermione, Luna and Ron. Luna for strange and weirdness, Hermione for writing, Ron for being a lazy bum xDD
    Jesus! Took you so long as well. Glad i dont go there id probs get lost ;^; and no i didnt see your location haha
    Damn! Southfields that sounds like a place in london XD that must have been very frustrating
    Ten minute long conversation? Damn thats tough, I would never be able to do that. And plus i screwed my french exam missed out a whole paragraph!

    Ah anyways, why was it hell for you?
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