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  • Damn picture T_T

    xDDDDDD That picture just made my day ^_^

    I always knew there was something fishy about Dumbeldore apart from his fashion sense:

    I think the only person that can truly pull of glasses is David Tennant and Dumbledore, those specs, rawwr ;3 xDD And Will too ^^

    Love's different for everyone, but I'm sure you'll meet a girl yuu'll like, at least yuur love life isn't doomed because the person yuu love is a 40 year old sexeh scottish actor who is engaged and sadly will never become a pedophile to date meh D: (Cries at a picture of DT!) Damn yuu LIFE!

    I think the reason why I love Yertle the Turtle is just the way yuu say it, I can make so many jokes out of it ^^

    Me:"Hey, so yuu're back from the bathroom?"
    Me:"Yuu just yurtled yuur turtle."
    Jordan: 0__o
    Me:"Yeahhh, so umm, who likes cheese?" n.n

    I think we are going to have a beautiful/slightly creepy friendship =D

    This is a bit random (I'mm going to sound really girly for saying this, even though I am a girl xD) but how do yuu like to dress? Today cause it was warm, I wore long stripey socks, converse, mini shorts and a white shirt. I'mm kinda random with what I wear :D

    Also, mah little sisters friend hit on me, it was awkward o___O

    I don't think growing up is a bad thing, IMMATURITY KEEPS MEH YOUNG :D Fudge yesh ^^ But sometimes I wanna be a kid forever, but that's what Disney movies are for! And Jack Black! ...that got random there!

    YESH, YESH, YESH, the beaver thing MUST die! (Gets Giant Volcano and drops JB in there, "Now, who wants marshmallows?") xD As well as Twilight... >D

    Sorry, guess I just like teh glasses because of David Tennant (Drools and Pikachu sighs!) looking retarded is a fashion statement, own it ;3

    Falling in love is falling in love but I think it's always better when you're actually there with a person because love is all about words but it's also about expression and showing someone that yuu love them like hugs, cuddles, possibly making out in a closet n.n

    In America, yuu can buy guns anywhere, it's kinda scary 0__O (Gets massive gun and does epic pose, "Hasta la vista Math homework!" shoots homework and laughs evily!)

    My friend used to like me back but he doesn't anymore and he's my best friend so I don't want to lose him or anything, so it's fine. Plus, they're are always more timelords out there (My lame DW nerdy romance logic) ^_^


    I like to shout that at mah friend in school, "Me:"Hey, guess what?" Stephanie:"What?" Me:"I have something very important to tell yuu that might change yuur entire life!" Stephanie:"Okkk, what is it?" Me:".....YERTLE THE TURTLE!" Stephanie:"Bad girl we don't say that in public or EVER!" Me:Giggles, "Hehe, I said turtle!" :p

    Yeah, charlie could have been raped by a giant bear who was actually Lord Voldemort in disguise and they had butt secks.

    I put too much thought into that ^^

    Me and my friend made this thing up, she's the Harry to my Ron, she's the Rihanna to my Eminen, she is the people to my posse x3
    Yo, I've been doing some prep work for my French oral exam that's currently today, and I am stuffed. Learning four paragraphs is killing me. Anyways, other than that I've been working on Pokemon Black, so far I'm doing well. All I am focusing on is finishing of the main story then getting into the more complicated areas.

    How about yourself? ^_^
    I found it funny how when I was younger I wouldn't watch DW because I thought it was nerdy and all, and now that I'm a little older I <3 it to death, I guess age does change yuur perspective on stuff ^__^

    ....well maybeh not all things.... (Sees Tellitubbies, Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers and pukes!) 8D

    I think it's kinda cool that yuu wear glasses COUGH*totallynotbecausedavidtennantwearsglassesandlookssmexy*COUGH, I don't need glasses sadly but I've always been quite fond of them ^^ Yuu think yuu look retarded in photos? I ALWAYS look horrible in photos, my Mum likes to look at mah baby photos and go, "AWWW, look how cute yuu were!" It makes meh think, what happened when I grew up xDD But really, we could compare photos and see how awful each other looks, but no matter what yuu look like, it's the inside that counts n.n

    I can understand what yuu mean with Internet Relationships, it can only work for so long and it's harder because yuu're writing words instead of actually physically talking to the person. It's give and take, like with any relationship, if I had to like one thing about IR's, it would be getting to know somebody's personality, because yuu can't judge what anyone looks like through a computer screen, can yuu? That's why some people fall in love online which sometimes is good ^^

    ...................unless it's a creepy pedophile or something......................................................(Gets shot gun and hides behind a bush!)

    And the guy, were better off as friends anyway, I'll meet someone someday or live in London and get really fat, never go out of the house and get a million cats and throw them at people if they go on mah property.... ah, yuu gotta love the crazy cat lady off the Simpsons xDD

    We are random, right =D



    I shall rule that purple unicorn and he shall bring me joy and wonder and maybe a million bucks :3
    Yuu can find out yuur Pokemon Horoscope by just going up to the random Tv's in people's houses and by pressing A =D

    I taught my Fishstick Dig but her two Emolga's were so annoying since they kept using Volt Switch on meh >.< I caught a Sandile and raised it a bit, I called it, "Ripper" LOLZ

    Aww, sorry, I thought the video would work T__T Anyway, the music video was, "Catch my disease" ;3 I think being an only child is sweet, since I've been an only child for fourteen years before I went to America of course. Their are times when I really miss it though...

    I hope this doesn't sound geeky or anything, but when we meet, could I maybe get yuu to watch a bit of Doctor Who? I'm fine with being geeky actually, even though I look nothing like a geek, exact opposite xD

    Yuu dated a girl on the Internet? I remember 2 of my Internet best friends had a crush on meh and it got kinda awkward but I actually started talking to one of them on the phone and we've been doing that since since he lives in Australia like meh ^^ (Blushes slightly!)

    But ANYWAYZ I wish people would value Internet friends just as much as real friends because they're still people, just because yuu can't see one another doesn't make the friendship any less important n.n

    ......................................................WAFFLES FTW!

    ..... cause I'm random like that :)
    Yuu know what else I found out? With the Pokemon Horoscope thing, I found Braviary is my birth month Pokemon cause I'm born in August so FUDGING YESH!! (Hugs plushie Pikachu!) I have an epic Pokemon for my birth month :3

    More people were buying Pokemon White but I think Black has it's good features like yuu said, it's easier to train in Black City and all. I got my FOURTH Gym Badge and I had such a hard time defeating Elesa I don't think I've ever sweared so much at my DS in mah life! (Sits on bed shouting and DS!) xDD But I beat her when my battery was going out so I'mm really lucky ^^

    My little sis kept making a joke that mah Pokemon got a disease and then I said she was just jealous that her Pokemon didn't have the disease and then I showed her this


    8DD How I love being the big sis!

    Yuur friends sound nice too, I'm sure I'll get to go to London soon or I'll live there (Crosses fingers!) I hope I'll live there since it's been my dream since I was 6 ^__^

    And yuur really nice too, most people say, "DON'T TALK TO ANYONE ONLINE, THEY WILL FIND YOU AND RAPE YOU!" but I actually think that it's fine to talk to people on the internet, some of my best friends are on the internet as well in real life, I think it's amazing if yuu can be friends with someone online and act like you've known them yuur whole life when in fact yuur in two different countries.
    I know, Justin Bieber isn't dead but yuu can always watch him getting hit by a bottle on YT! (Sees JB get hit by a bottle and bursts out laughing!) How I luffle Youtube...x3

    I had a reallllyyy hard time choosing Black or White, because White had more of the Pokemon I wanted and teh forest too, but I don't really like Zekrom because it's really weak against Reshiram so I got Black! But I really wanted to beat Iris so fudging damn...T__T Oh well ^^

    Fishstick? Nope, I just thought of it all by myself because I'm creative like that :3 COUGH*andmaybekindabored*COUGH And I like Fishsticks too =D

    I had to level up mah Pokemon HEAPS but guess what? I GOT POKERUS!! I almost dropped my DS because I couldn't believe it! (Jaw drops!) My Fishstick got it and I infected my whole Pokemon party and their stats have soared! So I'mm really happy!

    My little sister is a little weird, she gets bored so she likes to act like a dog! (Sees sister running around and barking!) xD

    Parties at Wimbledon? That'd be fantasticallyawesome! I'd probably get kinda shy if we went to a party, but I'd probably open up a little bit ^^ (Sweatdrops!)

    The only thing I hate about sleeping in is that I share a room with mah little sis, so if she gets up she mobs meh by jumping on my bed until I get it! -__- (Hugs pillow!) That's why I <33 sleepovers, my friends, no little sis, sleeping in... it's beautiful *_*
    Well I resolved to choose Tepig because I hadn't chosen a Fire starter since pokemon silver (original) I was alittle put off by Emboar but Tepig was soooo cute so I still chose it :). I also have an Emolga named Minipete that I got in an In-game Trade. that little guy is pwnsome! beat Skyler all by himself :D
    I'm about to challange the last Gym I started with Tepig in case you're curious :) He's an Emboar now obviously.
    The same here really. The strict ones really suck when they're around because they make life boarding complete hell. ¬¬
    Guess what? JUSTIN BIEBER DIED! (People celebrate!) xDD Sadly no, but I got Pokemon Black and I <33 it to death! I chose Oshawott because even though Snivy looked really cool and all, Oshawott is a cutie and I liked it's final evolution too ^^ I called mah Oshawott "Fish Stick" because well, it's unique? (Sweatdrops!) I'm up to the 3rd Gym cause I've been trying to level up all mah Pokemon equally which is annoying but I'm so happy I got it though! I had a massive spasm yesterday when it came out here in the U.S!

    Little Sister: Slaps forehead, "And she's fifteen...' xDD

    If we met up that would be really random, but I would be so enthralled by London that I think I would just be too happy ^^

    I've heard of Misfits, I'm going to start watching it soon, straight after Skins since I've been on a roll with it n.n

    I don't really care where we go, I'd just love to see it anyway. Wimbledon would be awesome, this may sound stupid, but what could we do? Like I dunno, see some shops or something?

    This is random but...(Cuddles pillow!) I love sleeping in :3

    Do it ^^ it is worth the 24 ish hours it takes to watch the whole thing XD... if you want I know a site you can watch it on.

    maybe it's a good thing you didn't go after all XD -shot- Well, I'm not what I can say about this matter since I have absolutely no interest in things like that, so I'll simply change the subject: how's b/w?
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