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  • That's cool! I enjoy hiking too!
    I don't have a facebook, but I spend a fair amount of time on Serebii.
    I've been doing quite a bit of summer homework, do you have summer homework for your school?
    I don't remember char, but I miss Spiral. I should go on there sometime. I wonder if they would remember me.

    Have you been doing anything interesting lately?
    Is anyone from when we were there still there? Like Spiral? Or is it all different people?

    You should hang out here on Serebii then!
    You accidentally posted your response on your VM page, not in the conversation (don't worry I've done this before). You have to click "View Conversation" before replying for the VM to post in the conversation.

    Well that's okay. I don't actually remember how that came about in the first place anyway. I think it was because I wanted an EV trained pokémon and you wanted a Rayquaza.
    Seth!!! You're back!!! Hi!!! What's new?

    Um unfortunately it closed because people couldn't handle everything. Also clans are called guilds now. Most of the people from Frozen Heart joined different guilds, I didn't though.

    Hey do you by any chance still have that EV-trained Hydreigon that you were going to trade for my Rayquaza?
    I see... Yeah, I just kind of wanted to reconnect with some of those guys I haven't heard from in forever. So, anything new? How's Black and White 2 treating you?
    Hey, you, Pikachu!
    No, not really. I just wanted to say hi. Seems like we haven't talked in forever! Me and a few others have been cooking up a little something on fanfiction recently. Maybe you want to stop by some time?
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