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  • Sorry if I was a drama queen at all. Maybe we can be friends and talk again when I learn to keep my cool better :) I guess i'm just not quite there yet...
    *sigh* If we can't get along anymore you might have to stop talking to me. I think i've warned you i'm over sensitive, though. Its not my fault: I don't want to hurt or hate anyone.

    Have a nice day now. And sorry if i'm not a good friend :( I am mentally ill. Sadly.
    I see :( Can you not talk about other people not being nice to you? Please?? Reading stuff like that REALLY upsets me. A lot. I already hate myself so much for being a girly girl. Don't make me hate myself more. Or i'm gonna have to stop talking to you. I MEAN IT.
    Don't mind the posts on my profile. Its just my trying to make sense of life....sometimes shadow the hedgehog songs help o_O;
    Hmn, that makes sense to me...Sadly my relationship with my own dad was awful :( He was a mentally abusive jerk who always bullied my mom. I hated him. A stronger closeness to my mom coulda made me more girly...maybe......I really don't know xD; She's not super extremely girly either though. My grandma, though....yeah, she was the girliest person in the history of ever lol She made all the dresses i wore as a kid too 8D

    Yeah. I like puppies too :) I have a pet dog, so dogs have a special closeness to my heart due to him. He's the pet i've owned the longest in my life; he's 10 years old now :) Me and him have a close bond, another thing I like about Korrina. Her bond with her Lucario reminds me of how I am with my dog. A lot. He's my only pet too so naturally he gets extra attention due to it :)

    Awww yeah she was really cute! :3 Total fangirl over ash too xD haha
    Aha....I don't understand tomboyishness. Very well. I've actually always been super girly! I feel i don't fit in with online people at all due to it T___T;; On the plus side, i notice a lot of people do like cute things. And I like cute things. So....that helps me feel a little more connected to them :) Why hate on a kitten, right?

    I chose Chikorita! So cute >w<;;
    Her cheerfulness :3 Hands down.

    Well okay i also really like that she's into improving herself as a person too :)

    You're welcome^^

    I started my pokemon gold download today^^ i want to play more of it after i walk my dog again. the johto games are really fun :)
    Ah :( I wish i could help, but reading unhappy stuff tends to give me meltdowns cuz i'm really sensitive. I want things to get better for you, though.

    I have a lot of those things too.
    So you're bi like i am? Neat :3 I've had mostly male crushes overall, i think, though, but korrina seems quite easily the hugest crush i've ever had. I've been into her for almost 7 months now :3 I have a whole pinterest album of her too^^ I wanna show it to some friends sometime, but my real name is being used for my account still since it's my facebook one...

    I've had real crushes too. I don't think i'm ready for a real relationship yet right now though (even though i'm a young adult i have the autism and a lot of mental issues that i think would make a real relationship hard for me at the moment. also....i like just being into korrina right now too :3).

    I plan on starting a korrina fan page soon too but i don't know when i'll get around to it xD I tend to procrastinate often....like i haven't started my pokemon gold download file yet after like a week of owning the game on my 2ds lol xD;
    Elsa is awesome.

    I'm not that used to liking females as crushes so....i don't really crush on girls other than korrina much and i don't tend to find myself attracted to disney females :p she's kool though.

    I think i found kristoff cute when i saw the film in the past too.
    Do you think kristoff is cute? :3

    My only crush right now is....*point's to av* Korrina. Like, its the most serious crush i've ever had...say i'm broken for this if you wish. i don't care in the end :p

    She's my overall fav...


    I don't normally fear others judgement a lot over my crush on her, but....I guess i should worry a little. In case i lose control talking about her irl o_O; Or maybe i should believe i have the self control not to mention her outside the net? Hmn...duno.

    Don't mind me. I'm autistic and analize everything xD;
    I see in your profile you liked frozen too :) I was a disney fan for a few years, but i'm a little turned off it after what i went through on a kh forum now....though i still watch some disney shows on tv, i guess.

    What do you think of korrina? ;3
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