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  • umm....if you could pls just change the pokemons to kyogre rayquaza and groudon and text to THE HOENN CLUB
    if you could pls :)
    also you can take your time no hard ohkay :)
    well, I guess they technically are the bad guys to the SKET Dan, but I think they work together towards the same goal more than anything xD

    AGATA WAS A GREAT PRESIDENT ;; It's unfortunate that he still has the wrong idea about the whole Tsubaki/Bossun/Saaya situation, though, haha
    Agata's probably my 5th favorite SKET Dance character ^^ The first four are Tsubaki, Switch, Daisy, and Captain~
    yup, shojo anime is just not fitting for us xD

    Everything changed when they properly introduced the Student Council, though, and Tsubaki has become one of my favorite anime characters of all time lol

    I have this attachment to the Student Council. I was so sad when Agata and Michiru graduated ;; It's not the same anymore! I miss Agata's weird 'ka ka ka' laugh, and Shinba's cooking and fanclub and ARGH
    Of course, I like Usami and Katou (especially since my favorite SKET Dance BroTP is Tsubaki/Katou), but DAMNIT I MISS MICHIRU AND AGATA.
    it's popular, yeah, but it's so girly that I can't take it >.<
    and it basically is an anime with a bunch of bishounen and fanservice. they just throw in "music" to make things sound better *rolls eyes*

    and no, I don't like it lol
    but UtaPri is one of those shows that are so horrible that you can't help but watch, you know? xD
    oh my gosh . . . Mochi @_@
    I just saw Uta no Prince-sama, both seasons . . . and I feel as if I just hurled at the wall multiple times -___-
    I don't know anymore. I will never know how my friend convinced me to watch this with her :I
    Yeah, either one.


    Speaking of taking too long; my current drawing. Logged almost 13 hours into this and it looks like i have about another 7 to go.
    ah, I'm not good with clay at all xD
    B-MO? he's weird to me sometimes, lol
    but I like Finn, Lemongrab, and Fiona too ^^
    I think purple clay would be easier than painting
    really? I thought Finn's face would be pretty easy xD
    and omg LSP :eek:
    you should definitely do her; she's my favorite Adventure Time character actually
    I also like Marshal Lee and, surprisingly, Ice King . . . :p
    I bet. Finn would be pretty hard to make with clay xD
    who/what are you planning to do next? :3
    Well, mostly because he was either busy, left me to work with you at Mayonaka, or when his laptop died. Now he's busy again. But I dunno. I dont think so.

    Yeah, putting more than one pokemon in an animation has always been a problem for me.
    Well, including the owner, a shop can have 4 workers at the most. As per the rules anyways. Fly High has had 4 workers before, I think... But only for a few days when pkmnfn came back.
    Me, pkmnfn
    Me, pkmnfn, Chidoriuser
    Me, pkmnfn
    Me, pkmnfn
    Me, pkmnfn, ~SilverLugia~
    Me, pkmnfn
    Me, You, Prohawk
    Me, You, pkmnfn, Prohawk
    Me, You, pkmnfn
    Me, You

    Animated Team Poses? Like having all the Pokemon animated? You run into frame number differences there.
    ah, I see. so it's one of those funny romance animes? xD
    I might check it out . . . once I finish re-reading Naruto, that is lol
    and omg it looks exactly like Lemongrab! You should definitely try more Adventure Time characters, although some would be hard haha

    I'll send you a link when I'm finished ^^
    oh, Toradora? I've wanted to watch it, but it seems too romatic for me to like lol
    and you create brooches with clay? :eek:
    you'll have to take pictures and show me lol

    I've already finished the preview! here~
    Even though you can still see the document in the MediaFire viewer, I suggest downloading it to make the images look less groady lol
    But unfortunately .pdfs were never made to make pictures look good :I
    I'm planning to write up the tutorials soon, but it's a preview to let people see all the different stuff that will be in there c:
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