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  • Shoot, 3... Hm... We need more workers. I've only been able to maintain a full shop of workers for a very short period of time.

    I've never been very good at animations. I just can't seem to do them.

    Mhmm. We need more workers, as I just said. I don't know if anyone's looking for a shop anymore though.
    Well, doesn't she have more workers too? We need more too. *sigh* It's a shame Prohawk left.

    True, but wasn't Mew_'s shop mostly banners and userbars? PPL had a bunch of crazy gifs and stuff. It'd make sense that we'd get a bump when Mew_ closed down because we offered some of the same stuff. But we dont do any of that animation stuff that PPL did.
    It's a shame we also don't have SilverLugia anymore. She did some of that animation stuff too.

    If only we could have them two back. The four of us would be amazing. *sigh* But Prohawk couldn't keep working and SilverLugia didn't think she could keep it up, so the point is moot.
    I kinda liked it though. It was sorta a compliment, ya know?

    Yeah. eeveelover is helping out a tad, but Ive noticed her shop hasnt slowed down all that much. I dont think anyways.

    Not to mention that there's a power vacuum now that PPL's shop closed down for an unknown period of time, maybe even indefinitely. I figured that it would mean that eeveelover, us, and Sworn Metalhead would get a bump in activity, but it hasn't really affected us much.
    oh, I'm on spring break too :eek:

    I'm using this time to re-watch FMA: Brotherhood and catch up with Inazuma Eleven, haha
    I'm also planning to make an icon tutorial document ^^
    OMG. Happy Late Birthday . . . 15 days late ^^;;
    I can't believe I didn't realize sooner, hehe
    but better late than never, right . . . . ? ;;

    but what's up? :3
    Pretty okay. Kinda sick, but whatever.

    And thanks. I liked em. Havent done any since I updated my shop with them though. Tech Banners just arent popular anymore.
    Oh yes, i noticed that, lol! I always thought it was your shop xD

    I requested a Team Pose there, in 18 march, but you werent logging-in, so i deleted. Can i request it again? I really want that team pose from you T^T

    You arent on Serebii too much these days, right? School, i guess?
    I actually decided to make it one day when I didn't have any internet connection lol
    and I got the render from Baka Arts, where I get most of my renders c:
    you have to be a member to download renders from there, but it's totally worth it. it's free, too ^^
    because a workshop IS basically a regular class lesson xD
    but it's more advanced, I guess? idk
    nah, I'm not a pro yet. but I've decided to make a graphics guide actually ^^
    but I haven't made a sig in, like, forever, so when I made one today, it didn't really meet my expectations lol
    Mhmm. JX said she was gonna review it, so I wanna see what she says.

    Eh, I dunno about that. This was early, early work. Like July '12. I didnt get okay at this until about Dec '12.
    I'm modest, more or less. I think it's good, but heck, I made it.

    Yeah, it got 2nd. But there were only three entries XD
    Yeah, it's great stuff. Or so I've been told.

    Yeah, but it sucks cuz its really old. Im in the process of remaking it.
    I thought I was going to be here frequently, too, but then I take a hiatus again xD
    a writing workshop is basically where you go to a big room with other kids in your age group, sit down, and listen to someone lecture about the "writing process" before actually doing stuff; it's pretty meh IMO
    lucky, it takes me about 1-2 hours to make a signature lol
    since everything needs to look good ;-;
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