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  • Yeah, its been a while.
    And Im pretty good. It's been a week of firsts for me. Graduated high school, learned how to cook basic meals, finished and was paid for my first drawing commission, got a checking account, and made my first transaction with my debit card.
    I'm always like that when I get .psds and .xcfs too lol

    I'm good. I wasn't on for the past few days because of this writing workshop I had to do, but now I'm back~
    and that's bad, I hope your requests at Brutaka's shop aren't screwing you over xD
    but then again, school will always take up a lot of our time, sadly :/
    Ugh, first time I've shown my face here in months. I hate school >.<

    I haven't really been doing anything with pokemon, because school has kept me so busy :(
    but the pink completely ruined it for me xD
    ikr? iirc, he had this horn-like thing on his head :I

    I was so freaking surprised when she turned out to be Black Hoodie Kid, lol
    wasn't it the episode where it was Rin VS. Amaimon?

    I'm glad to know some people like my graphics style xD
    yup, sure ^^ Here's the links to asuna.xcf, rotom.xcf, and ltsurge.xcf
    I don't remember if they are labeled or not (I'm pretty sure they are), but I'm sure you're smart enough to figure things out xD
    You're great with GIMP, anyhow~
    But contact me if you have any problems; I'll gladly help
    that is correct but your are correct though you need to fight for your art back ;) and no problem also thank you :) happy valentines day to you too mochi :)
    Hi Mochi, I requested a Team pose with the following Pokemon:

    Regirock, Reuniclus, Gigalith, Magcargo, Jirachi, and Rhyperior

    Would you mind changing Rhyperior to Rhydon? If that's too much trouble than it's fine. ^-^;
    his hamster form looks weird, to say the least xD
    I never had a thing for anime characters who could turn into animals :/

    maybe he would look less evil if he didn't have a goatee?
    and I think it's from the spot right under her neck, but idk
    I guess the reason she doesn't wear a shirt is so that it's easer to pull out xD
    Shura's sword techniques are pretty cool, though. I loved the battle between her and Angel.

    aw, thanks :)
    I'm far from being a master and making perfect graphics, though xD
    I just like to spam C4Ds and Curves layers, haha
    and that's alright, just tell me when you've picked ^^
    yep it is but the only way to stop your work from being stolen is to block them from taking it and yes people are stupid and take other work even with a watermark...just the story is though they more likely to get ready to be sued then...just saying mochi don't be afriad though to take action if someone steals your work ;) you got to be strong...
    no problem mochi and trust me i know how it feels i had it happen before -_- not on serebii but my actual traditional art but one thing i learned you got to be strong and also there is a report button around here its a rule that no one can take credit for you work...if they do they will get punished...so just saying ;) also one thing though that can counter is proof though as well...if you have a deviant art which more likely the person that steals your art wouldn't have one...most people that steal others art is mostly people that don't do art for a living so its easier to catch...just saying they can get fined in real life too by taking credit for anything...if you look at pokemon if i said i made that pokemon called mew then i would be sued by game freak itself for trying to take a tm licensed art...just think of this way...don't let some stupid dumb person take over your work ;) you have to keep it under control and show that your the boss of your work...if you need anything mochi im always here to talk :)
    was it that obvious? xD
    but I think his human form is better than his hamster form :I
    I'm not too fond of hamster Amaimon . . .

    and ikr? It bugs me when Mephisto sits back, watching EVERYTHING, and doesn't do a freaking thing to help, but I guess he helps/has helped Rin and Yukio in some ways :/
    Shura getting annoying is something I can understand, too xD
    Especially when she's drunk, and she should really wear a shirt too, lol
    oh, and I really hate the fact that most of the fandom hates on Yukio just because of the last few episodes ):

    BTW, I made a tagwall last night :3
    It has every single sig I kept the .xcf for . . . . and I also spent last night updating those .xcf files onto my MediaFire, too xD
    Probably gonna post this up on dA, and some graphic forums ^^ I can give you the links to some if you would like any, though~
    it sucks that GIMP doesn't have Vibrance or anything like that, though
    so when you open the .psd in GIMP, sometimes it looks nothing like the final result and the layers get all jacked up xD

    My favorites are Shiro (I hate the fact that he died in the second episode ;-;), Amaimon, Yukio (*cough*unlikethefandom*cough*), and I'm also getting pretty fond of Shura ^^
    ikr? They need a season 2!
    I wasn't satisfied with the ending in the first place, and they could really use a second season to clear things up/answer unanswered stuff, since it all ended pretty quickly imo D:
    I also wanna see more Rin/Shiemi moments
    yeah no problem sorry for the late reply boyfriend needed to use the computer anyway yeah true but i highly don't think someone would take that much of chance to do that just for art like that :/ if they are they there crazy...im sure they would keep getting tired of you banning them anyway they just say **** it...sorry don't want to get in trouble so i blocked it out in stars...you get the point though...don't be scared though its been awhile though also tbh they would of stole your work by now right? they should of noticed your in brutaka shop it quite obvious if you closed up your shop they try to find someone new and happily see your there so i think they gave up by now and you said its been awhile since you had your own shop...im just saying don't let fear take over your amazing work :)
    oh wow that really does suck :eek: also don't be afraid trust me to open a shop cuaz of that, there were a few requests that i had were for there art shop but good thing they game credit for the work...i guess it was a unlucky moment and btw if that happens you can just stop making stuff for them next time if you open a shop...just keep a sharp eye who you make for people...i have gave plenty enough warnings that if you don't give me credit for my work then a strike and if they majorly use it and say its there work...i totally perma ban them form my shop...i learned alot by watching mew...he was my art inspire graphics artist besides avenger angel(which use to be neo pikachu)...those to have some really nice graphics...sadly mew closed his last shop candlelight graphics...i only ordered from him mostly...i wanted to order from neo but it was hard cuaz he was so backup with request so i didn't want to bother him... just saying in all the ways don't let the customers take over you work...just have to make sure you lay down your rules and at the same time o course be nice about it ^_^ i think you should try again though...doesn't hurt ;)
    yeah it pretty much is lol and yeah thanks ^_^ i do my best for my customers...yeah brutaka was worried though im catching up to his post count...i really don't mind if im low or high...i just want to worry about my shop being active thats all...lots of people keep telling me when a new shop opens...oh competition to me its not...i believe the art shops are for helping serebii out with art...that was my main goal though is just to help serebii with something im good at and that is art...that is my major...i actually never took one graphics design class yet...i just learn on my own...i learn pretty fast too...i support all the art shops basically...i don't mind...everyone has there own tastes in art...i was shocked though i got voted as the best artist here though for last year...everyone keeps telling me i deserve it though >.<, i randomly found out cauz people were flooding me with congrats on my vm's and i was like congrats for what LOL I just doesn't matter to me the competition...im just here to help out people and i do appricate alot of people liking my work though :) it means alot really ;)
    The Bermuda Triangle was a ridiculously easy topic to research about xD
    and I did pretty well, my teacher divided us into groups of 5 and we had to grade each other on how well we did

    lol, I might join, but I am horrible with blogs xD
    I used to try to keep one with my friend in Japan, but I was too lazy :I
    but yeah, .psds on tumblr are great, right? :3

    AND OMG. I started watching Blue Exorcist . . . damn that show is good! :O
    It's so pro-Christian xD
    I can't believe I put off watching it until now ;A;
    yeah true its just been extremely slow though lately then normal even on the weekends but i i did happen to pick up again...strange how that works XD
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