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  • ikr? at least I got a remotely interesting topic, I guess
    The Bermuda Triangle :p

    ahhhhh. is tumblr all that cracked up to be, tho? xD
    I only go on there for .psds and useful stuff like that, so I don't really need an account, but meh, I guess~
    no problem and really busy as always though yesterday was strangely a slow day for the fan art shop section XD normally my list fills up quickly in a few hours when i open...
    lol no problem mochi :) im glad to help you out :) and thank you so very much if you need any good fonts just say the word since your so busy ;)
    oooooh. well that's great.
    I'm stuck with writing a speech for Language Arts class on the 21st, unfortunately :I

    nah, I'm not to keen on keeping a blog, so I haven't made a tumblr xD
    I'm just a lurker, lol
    About 580 so far, haha..

    But it's fine, I've watched 260 episodes within a few months c:
    hey mochi i saw your post thought i help you out since you don't have time to find a ninja type font...here you go and i love your work its amazing ;) artist to artist just wanted to help if you get anymore requests form skamory...i

    i used this one for his special text banners...there located in dafont.com in the more oriented section...


    this one is nice too and kinda ninja like...


    sorry to butt in i just wanted to help out XD also like to get to know you more too actually cuaz how brutaka talks about you shouds like your a amazing person which seeing your art you are :) i hope your not mad for me helping you out i look at other shops sometimes besides mine XD
    ahhh, really?
    lucky duck, you are :p
    what's the break for?

    lol, tumblr, youtube, and livejournal are my personal havens every time I come back from school xD
    Well, yeah. The main protagonist is Luffy, who is the ship's captain. And he meets new friends, goes on adventures, and fights off a corrupt government in order to fulfil his dream, which is finding the One Piece. As well as all of the other crew members fulfilling their dreams, yeah
    omg, yes! you should totally make a .gif-making tutorial XD
    I'd love to figure out another way to make them, lol

    ikr? I mostly find mine on tumblr and livejournal, tho
    but at least you figured out that they weren't XD
    I just kind of gave up on making gifs, tbh

    oooooooh. that's how I used to do it too
    but now I do it the lazy way and grab the gifs off of tumblr, resize them, and crop them XD
    yeah haha you should, the grand magic games are awesome.

    and i've been fine yeah, not talked in a while since pcf died xD haha umm just watching loads of one piece, you? :3
    gifs? they can be done in GIMP XD
    I only make reaction gifs sometimes, since tbh I really hate making them =P
    Going through all those layers and stuff is tiring, so I just crop mine lol

    what kinds do you make?
    that's okay ^^ I've gotten replies that were months old before

    hmmmmm. IMO, it depends on what layer setting/kind of C4D it is, but yeah, that's right xD

    detailed? I just typed it from what I remembered, but I'm glad you find it useful ^^
    haha, that happens to me sometimes to. whenever I take a break from signature/tag-making to do icons, I forget some stuff ^.^;
    ahhhhh, C4Ds and gradient maps are practically found in every single one of my graphics now, lol
    I recently downloaded a bunch of new gradients yesterday, too xD

    C4Ds are pretty easy to place, honestly, or maybe that's because I've been using them for a long time . . . they can work as background, shapes, lines, and even accentuate the flow.
    The fact that they're so multi-purposeful is the reason I love using them, along with pentooling xD
    And I prefer GIMP over PShop, so of course that's what I use ^^
    I've been trying to replace my version (2.6) with 2.8, though, but my stupid desktop won't let me -_-

    Clipping masks are really easy to make. Basically, in GIMP, there are two ways: the layer mask way, and the "other" way.
    I use the other way the most, because it's real easy.
    1) Layer > New from Visible. After you get your visible layer, you can move/flip/distort it any way you want.
    2) Hide the Visible layer, and create a new transparent layer.
    3) Brush on the transparent layer
    4) Then right click on the brushed layer, click on 'Alpha to Selection', and hit the delete key.
    5) You should still have the "marching ants" on the layer, even though you deleted the brush marks.
    6) Click on the Visible layer, and unhide it, making sure that the selection of the brush marks is still there.
    7) Select > Invert, and hit the delete key again.
    8) Ta-da! You should have a clipping mask~
    mainly C4D and pentooling . . . now that I think about, I barely ever use textures and brushes for purposes other than clipping masks in my signatures xD
    ehehe, I never get bored. I'm always doodling stuff, like how yesterday I was drawing some word art when I was supposed to be studying for exams :p
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