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  • well, I don't know about that :p

    eh. I still have a long way to go . . . I haven't learned as much as I wanted in the year I've been doing graphics, but I guess I've finally settled on a style xD
    hmmmm. that's weird, I'm hoping I won't get flooded by too many.
    because I'm planning to take only three at a time, since I go slow as heck trying to make it look good :p
    I'm sooo busy... Schoolwork and whatnot... Kind of overloaded.

    But anyway, have you arted anything new?
    other short people tell me that, as well

    when I have trouble closing my locker, I just kick it lol. brute force is always the answer
    I'm thinking of joining eevee's shop . . . it's about time for me to get back into the art shops section, honestly xD
    I know. Though I cant really focus on the project for large lengths of time. My attention span is good, but not that good.
    They arent, lol.

    I have to work on my senior project, my parents are really hounding on me since im so behind. i wont be able to do art requests or do any fics until its finished. the art requests i have done were done in the off times where they werent pushing it...
    hmmmmm, I dunno. you can spot things in crowds easily if you're tall, people think twice to mess with you when you're tall, and you breathe fresher air when you're tall :p

    omg, I really hate lockers with three rows. it makes them all tiny and cramped and stuff. I can barely fit my backpack, books, binders, and jacket in my locker, and the lockers at our school are two rows xD
    Okay, will do.

    Pretty good. Azulart started talking to me. Finished those five requests that have been sitting on my waiting list for .... like a month.
    If I were to order from your corner in Brutaka's shop, which kind of banner would be like the one in your sig? And what size is it, I'd like to know that too.
    Ooh, makes me want to hurry up but I can't keep up with it as much as the others because of... the eyes... and noses. They look strange.
    ooooh. being short must suck . . . I'm not short, so I can't really relate xD

    lol, right? and then you'll have to try to get to your locker and that stuff . . .
    I actually like bottom lockers more than top lockers, idk why
    I'm not bad at football, since I'm tall (5'7") and take martial arts, so it's not hard to tackle and stuff, but it's just the sport I hate :/
    and ooooh, I bet you're glad it's all over

    I'm not a fan of overcrowded schools; a little overcrowded is fine, but a lot isn't
    eh. I'm okay with playing any sport besides football xD
    I hate football, the stupid pointy ball is stupid and pointless

    it seems like all public schools are crowded nowadays . . . and yeah, I'm surprised I haven't gotten a detention yet, seeing as I wake up at 7:15 every day xD
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