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Recent content by Mock Z

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    New Gameplay Graphics Thread

    The few games that have come out that have actually used Hi-Res images of Pokemon and sprites seem to present the Pokemon we've known before as being very...awkward. An memory comes to mind of when I got Colosseum, being so excited for "3D" Pokemon battling. What came as a disappointment was a...
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    Event Trading Thread

    As lame as this sounds, I missed the Genesect and Keldeo events. I'm willing to trade for Keldeo or Genesect of any lvl or stat makeup, and you tell me what you want. PM me for my trainer information.
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    Yeah, sure, I could go for a battle. You said you were offering shinies if you lose, right?

    Yeah, sure, I could go for a battle. You said you were offering shinies if you lose, right?
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    The Ninjask Pass Sweep [Revised]

    Yep, couldn't have said it much better myself. And yes, that's exactly right, I'm running SpAtk Nasty Plot Lucario. Even though I have BP on Ninjask for Spd and Atk boost and BP on Espeon to prevent Taunters or Phazers, how else could I make this an excellent BP team? Also, a bit of a...
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    My FC is 2451-9514-6088. I'd like to battle you sometime. I'm usually online at night from 8-10...

    My FC is 2451-9514-6088. I'd like to battle you sometime. I'm usually online at night from 8-10 (GMT-5, Central Time Zone).
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    The Hoenn Triangle

    Username:Mock Z PO name:Mock Z Wi-Fi Code:N/A Desired Division:Earth Favourite Pokemon:Swoobat, Espeon, Salamence Referrer:Nobody
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    The Ninjask Pass Sweep [Revised]

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    Staple Support Walls

    You actually thought I would only use a team with only two Pokemon? I'm just talking about a two Pokemon wall strategy that might be applicable to any team of four other Pokemon. I realize I put this in the "Team" forum and that it doesn't belong here due to it not being a complete team, but...
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    Pokémon Survivor!

    My vote is for the awkward-looking Ludicolo. P.S. Lucario for the win!
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    Staple Support Walls

    Wasn't sure if this was the right place to post this, didn't know if there was a competitive single Pokemon strategy forum, so if there is, please move it! :D I just recently came across a really good support strategy that might just be a staple for any team unless it involves using two other...
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    The Ninjask Pass Sweep [Revised]

    Hey guys! Thanks to 365pokemon for the suggestion on Espeon! I'm still thinking about adding the Baton Pass, and wondering whether that will help my strategy more, or just leave me vulnerable to Dark types.... Also, just bumping this forum to get some more suggestions!
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    The Ninjask Pass Sweep [Revised]

    Hey guys, I want to replace Bronzong with a Magic Bounce Espeon and give it Dual Screens, but I can't figure out what would be a good moveset for it beyond that. I was thinking Dual Screens, Psychic, and some sort of Hidden Power. Any input?
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    The Ninjask Pass Sweep [Revised]

    Funny you should mention Magic Bounce Esp, as I've actually considered it. Although, the only reason why I don't use it though is due to the fact that it's a bit of a hassle to actually get an Espeon that does know Magic Bounce. The only reason why I don't have one (and I'd probably replace my...
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    The Ninjask Pass Sweep [Revised]

    Thank you for the patience, the wait is up, and quite quickly, too! :D What changes would you consider? The only thing I'm worried about phazers is them bringing out my Ninjask which cannot hold on its own in the offensive sense, and it can Sub only for so long. Pardon my noobishness, but why...
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    The Ninjask Pass Sweep [Revised]

    Quick Look At The Team ;291; ;068; ;373; ;196; ;113; ;448; Ninjask ;291; Adamant Nature, Ability: Speed Boost EV's: 248HP/244Def/16Speed Item: Leftovers Moveset: X-Scissor Baton Pass Swords Dance Substitute The opening move on my team. Ninjask has the EV's on health to...