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  • Oh! Yeah, the game's still going on, but I'm not allowing anymore participants in. We're down to the last 5 survivors and it's meant to end soon.

    I will, however, open a new game when this one ends. So you can join that one then.
    I just got bored and decided to see if Mafia would work. It's not looking good. Not enough people signing up
    prediction: latios/latias are the mascots of the 'rse' remakes but they aren't really remakes but will have the hero journey the hoenn region
    The episode is about BW2N-4, not BW2N-5. the thread for it in the site already because Team plasma revealed a teaser already.
    The thing I don't get, is that you come on everyday, but do not even acknowledge your game. That's the whole reason you're here! If you weren't on that's understandable, but coming on and doing nothing? Nothing at all? That just doesn't make any sense.
    Okay, no "nice girl" from me like Charze. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH YOU AND YOUR ABANDONING OF POKÉMON UNIVERSE? HONESTLY? We all expect answers from you by now.
    I'm not trying to be hostile and I don't think you do, but a lot of people would just like to know what you're up to. If you have to put the season on hold or stop it completely that's fine, but at least inform us of what is happening. We have lives and can understand. Or even if you don't wanna talk about it, there's no problem with saying "the game will be paused/stopped for reasons." We would just like to hear something back and I don't like the fact that you've been on but still haven't posted or responded to me. Thanks :)
    Hey, I'm sure you're really busy with life, but could you give the people in Universe an update on what is happening? Either that, or a message I could pass on. It would much appreciated. Thanks.
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