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  • I have read your post, ModelT; although it was repeated. But the problem with Gyarados is what's the point in making him a Flying Type when he can't even fly? In the anime, I have never seen a Gyarados flying or floating, except in the first movie thanks to Mewtwo's psychic powers; but that doesn't count.
    I have received your message, ModelT. You got some good points in what you say, but still, it's a mistake having given Gengar and Gyarados such types. I mean, Gengar was the only Ghost Type in Gen I; and being part Poison type against a Psychic Pokemon, made him useless. No matter the description of the Pokedex, it should have been a pure Ghost Type from the beginning; so it could be useful against Psychic types. And as for Gyarados being Water/Dragon type too. After all, in Gen II, the only new Dragon type introducted was Kingdra (Water/Dragon). It's just they mess up with things in the games that don't have sense in the anime.
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