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  • Take a look at pokecheck. It's very good at telling someone about if a pokemon is hacked or not.

    If they're not, then you're just blowing smoke. I've talked to one of the guys who actually helps run that site, and he can confirm that they are in fact legit.
    As far as I can tell, his pokemon are not that way. Also, I've got a legit Latios in a Premier Ball. Does it make the pokemon a hack? No.

    Yes, it's flawless, but that only tells me that it's an obvious RNG--which by the way is very widely considered as legit.
    I EV-train my pokemon as well. Lots of smarter people do that. As for Premier Balls, those actually are pretty nice things to catch shinies with.

    I've known people who RNG their pokemon to catch stuff in Premier Balls just for their looks. That doesn't denote a hack at all unless you're able to prove it.
    I'll make it brief. Most OT Mat pokemon out there are legitimate. However, they're so common that they're practically worthless, as most of the time you can get them for free. If you honestly don't believe me, just take a look at Kaphotics. He's got a TON of stuff that runs around everywhere because of Pokecheck, becuase he's sharing thsoe pokemon with everyone.

    They're legit, and they're OT Kurt, I believe. They're not hacked, they're just very common.

    As for Max himself, he's not a scammer nor does he have reason to be. Thank you and good day.
    and pls give me all the proof you can get because I'd love to see how badly I got scammed in the process to since 99% of the pokes in my shop came from trades
    but which friends? I would like to know and if it's hades666 I got the metagross that same day and didn't have a chance to pokecheck it yet and he traded me 3 hacks so to me that seems fairly lopsided and pls change your sig it's very offensive to me and all the other shop owners I've traded w/
    who and all my pokes up to this point are from other traders and have been confirmed legit on pokecheck?(I thought pokecheck was reliable)
    Also fyi I did offer to give back to me did I not and I was going to give him the pokes I got from other shop owners here on serebii so please stop harassing me on my shop
    I can't believe you just deleted my last VM. Why did you think that would solve everything? You falsely advertised something you traded me. Either you comply with me and do a tradeback or you're finished on Serebii.
    Um...the Zekrom and Jirachi you gave me are not flawless like you advertised. Do you know what flawless means?
    You had another one you wanted? You ended with a comma. I had the 3 we originally agreed to ready, but now I have to clone a Drilbur.
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