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  • oh dear i lost your message under everyone else's! shoot me a message when you're next online to remind me & i'll check my GBA games to make sure i can do it dude
    dude i can work with most shinies (just made an adamant 252Atk/252Spe froslass for the hell of it) so shoot me a list of crap shinies/natures you want rid of & i'll get a gyarados ready - i can breed/level one for you or teach the move to your gyarados - whichever you prefer
    just looked it up & yeah you're right (pass heal bell from skitty then teach snubbull counter) i was getting mixed up with fr/lg as that's the one where you only get counter once

    shoot me a try if the other dude can't do it - it will take me a while (pretty much everything on my emerald has been palparked!) but i should be able to manage it

    what you offering for gyarados with outrage? (i'm only after shinies but that seems a bit much for just one move tutor move) i can breed most things & get good natures / egg moves - not great with IV's though they're just luck of the draw!
    I'm looking for a male Snubbull/Granbull with moves Heal Bell and Counter. (You need Emerald for this, pm me if you have that game please!)

    Willing to offer even shiny good natured eggmove pokemon for it, including Sneasel, Eevee, Charmander, Gastly, Elekid and Bagon.

    I'm also looking for:
    some1 with Platinum to trade me a Gyarados with Outrage tutor move
    HG/SS eggmove pokes, especially
    Aqua Jet Totodile
    Extremebspeed Dratini
    Water Spout Squirtle
    i've got emerald - but i may have used the counter move tutor already...

    i'll check at the weekend dude
    i got adamant dratini, you joined serebii on my birthday =], can you ofer all your poke for it even timid togekiss, and charizard?
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