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  • Don't know about your PM box:

    yes. squirtle female: it has max hp, attack and sp. def... no egg moves.... not good...
    I have a Blastoise (male) with 5 IV 31/x/31/31/31/31 and dragon pulse and aura sphere and modest. I have dratini with 3 to 4 IV with dragon dance, dragon rush, iron tail and aqua jet as well (2 gender and marvel scale)
    I think your PM is full...

    Hi there! I can trade you all BP items you want. ALL from the shop in Battle Mansion. I can also offer ablity capsule
    I would trade for:

    Adamant l Marvel Scale l 31/31/31/xx/31/31 l MALE
    Egg moves Dragon Dance, Aqua Jet
    Bred in Regular Pokeball

    Timid l Trace l 31/xx/31/31/31/31 l FEMALE
    Egg Moves: Confuse Ray, Destiny Bond
    Bred in Quick Ball
    Hi your inbox was full! Reggarding your PM:

    Breeding a female Growlithe is quite hard especially if you want those 5IV :/ because of the female ratio 1:4 and all. I can try but it might take a while .

    I would love a female Super Luck Jolly Absol with sucker punch , play rough and megahorn :)

    EDIT: just got a female one! :eek:
    *Personal Use*
    Completed trades:
    ChrisCrosso - My Solar Power Charmander -> Speed boost Venipede
    DOAFlamingo - My adamant Charmander -> Timid Charmander
    Monstaman219 - My Adamant Bagon -> Jolly Charmander
    Zerothedarklord - My adamant Bagon -> Adamant Fletchling
    Aeoc13 - My Female Shinx -> Timid Joltik
    Sin Tori - My guts Shinx -> Modest Amaura
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