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Recent content by Molag Bal

  1. Molag Bal

    Red Is The Coldest Color

    ANNOUNCEMENT: As of November 4, 2018, this fic is undergoing a rewrite. As such, this thread will no longer be updated.
  2. Molag Bal

    Red Is The Coldest Color

    Chapter 2: Beginning, Part 2 Red adjusted his collar in the mirror. Despite the early morning chill, beads of sweat formed on his forehead. Martin “Red” Redford was not, strictly speaking, chiseled from marble. In fact, he was on the scrawny side of things, with wide amber eyes and tufts of...
  3. Molag Bal

    Red Is The Coldest Color

    Chapter 1: Beginning, Part 1 Present Day Pallet Town When his mother Delia told him that he had to attend his high school graduation, Red had stormed off to his room. He’d winced when she took him out to fit his graduation suit, and throughout the outing he was even more irritable than usual...
  4. Molag Bal

    Red Is The Coldest Color

    Prologue: Colosseum Day Six Years Ago “Shadow Claw!” The Gengar’s claws glowed with an eerie power. It ran up to the Nidorino, swiping at it – the Nidorino jumped to the side, then charged at the Gengar with its mouth agape. The Gengar quickly swatted the Nidorino aside and jumped back; the...
  5. Molag Bal

    Red Is The Coldest Color

    Hi there, everyone. I'm Molag Bal, also known as Boethiah on AO3 and Talrand on FFNet. I've been writing fanfiction for some time, but I've only tried my hand at a serial once before, and that fic's long since abandoned. This is my first serious attempt at something long and overarching...
  6. Molag Bal

    Vito Winstrate [one-shot]

    Heh. A great look at the insecurities of a young boy. I especially liked the fatalism implicit in some of his comments; for someone so young, he sure has cooked up a bleak worldview. I'd also like to point out to the poster above that virtually any Pokemon can learn Protect.
  7. Molag Bal

    Andromeda's Lament

    I decided to develop a character of my own out of nowhere. I have no idea if this'll be a one-shot or a multiple-chapters thing, so I lengthened it to 1000+ words to meet the chapter requirements. Please give me feedback about how I conveyed the character, and what you feel she's like! *** A...
  8. Molag Bal

    The Fan Fiction Rules - Read Me~

    What's the policy on fade-to-black sex scenes in fan-fics?
  9. Molag Bal

    Ask a Question Thread - READ FIRST POST

    When running Adamant on Dragon Dance Dragonite, are there any KOes it gets at +1 after a Dragon Dance that Jolly doesn't?
  10. Molag Bal

    In Luck We Trust II [إحْياء من الآس البستوني] (Anything Goes, peaked at #1)

    ...I'm stumped. I feel like any advice I could give here would be like the Karate Kid trying to teach Bruce Lee. I am humbled in the presence of a master.
  11. Molag Bal

    OU - Wondering how it could be improved

    You really want to run Return on Lopunny-M. It gives you unresisted STAB and Drain Punch doesn't work well with Lopunny's frailty anyhow.
  12. Molag Bal

    [OU] Ancalagon's Lament

    This is the first OU team I put serious thought into. As you can see it's relatively easy-to-read; it's a demolish-checks and then win condition team. Nothing much else to say. Grond (Excadrill) w/ Choice Scarf Ability: Mold Breaker EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature -...
  13. Molag Bal

    Rate my sand team Attempt 2

    Movesets are usually team-dependent. I personally don't recommend HP Fire, as it's only useful for luring in Scizor.
  14. Molag Bal

    Reality; Augmented Hyper Offense

    I was wondering that too. You've already got Water coverage with Electivire: why are you missing out on Gengar's most reliable STAB?
  15. Molag Bal

    Reality; Augmented Hyper Offense

    Why are you using White Herb on Noivern? Noivern isn't a Shell Smash sweeper, and Intimidate doesn't affect its Sp. Atk stat. I recommend Life Orb over White Herb for the extra power granted by Infiltrator. That way a healthy Noivern can 2HKO unboosted AVest Bisharp with Flamethrower while...