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Last Activity:
Dec 7, 2014
Jan 12, 2008
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Egg Potatoe, from Kalos Route 7

Momoko was last seen:
Dec 7, 2014
    1. miShellder
      Sure thing. I will jump online now.
    2. miShellder
      Not a problem. I already added your FC. Mine is 3652-0535-5004. Let me know when you can trade. :)
    3. miShellder
      Awesome. I'm thinking Saturday may be the best day to trade because of the holiday. Does that work for you?
    4. miShellder
      No worries. Take your time and let me know when you are done. :)
    5. miShellder
      I have your Pokemon ready. :)
    6. miShellder
      Sure. I can do all 3. I actually have Slakoth and Spheal(soon) in stock because of a current breeding job. I am interested in Love Growlithe, Moon Houndour, and Lure Mantine.
    7. FairyWitch
      i see good luck :3 yeah i love shiny pokemon so i have to have them :p
    8. FairyWitch
      thank you for the nest ball chika XD hope you enjoy repeat ball cynda anyway sorry had to show my fairy shiny collection XD i just love my fairies especially shiny trying to get shiny marill :p as well as i rnged a few of those which was my garde and sylveon i needed move tutors...
    9. Momoko
      I feel like an idiot now. XD okay, hopping intot he game now!
    10. FairyWitch
      alright i added you in if you can't find it here it is anyway 1693-1320-3008
    11. FairyWitch
      I find it funny when people ask that :p but check my sig it lists everything XD
    12. FairyWitch
      i am still here just fusing with the skirt atm i can add you though if you want to do a very quick trade if you want?
    13. FairyWitch
      are you going to a anime conventiion called youmacon or is this just a Halloween costume?
    14. FairyWitch
      lol no actually im back and forth going on the fourms and working on my costume XD ironically pokemon Colosseum music is playing get it :p our trade XD
    15. FairyWitch
      wow im on for a short second lol f you want me too i can trade quick atm i just need to add you in my 3ds and then i get back to my costume work
    16. FairyWitch
      okay whenever its ready for you ill try to catch you but it may have to be after november second if it comes to worse been busy...
    17. Maltrab
      I do not, sorry.
    18. FairyWitch
      momoko your repeat ball female cyndaquil is ready so whenever we catch each other we can trade :3 unless you haven't got the female nest ball chika yet :p

      edit: my time is all over the place btw sometimes day sometimes night so ill try to catch you when your on i never have my green light im on invisible so its impossible to see me but the best bet is to follow my posts. I may open it up to green again later on i just did that so i don't get flooded with so much vms and pms that its hard to respond im pretty well known here XD also another thing i think this will also help ill send a friend request so it will update my online status. I don't mind friending you it seems your friendly enough XD
    19. FairyWitch
      its no problem i have been pretty busy myself tbh i didn't forget either i still need to breed your cyndaquil i hope to get it to you before i go to my anime convention coming up on holloween.
    20. FairyWitch
      Il be on tuesday and wensday to trade when ready also yeah reading the posts below most people never new that you can transfer balls to Colosseum game all the way to x and y XD I own the game just to much work so im just collecting the faster way. also if you need to check ball choices and not sure if its hacked or not here you go

      not sure if you know every single one but it will help as well as your friends like darkassasen
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    Home Page:
    Kalos Route 7
    Pokemon Breeder
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    ;148; Pokemon Y: 2208-5032-7062 | Rosa (OT) | 20249 (ID) | 2811 (TSV)
    :587: Electric Safari: Heliptile & Emolga
    ;267; Modern Vivillon Pattern (All Patterns Collected! 3/18 Shiny Versions Obtained)