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  • Well if I answered yesterday, but today was my last day. I'm so excited at this point. At first I was going to comment your avatar, but I found out it was a default unknown avatar. lol. But I find it funny how this forum is turning out to be some popularity contest all the sudden, more than usual. Even worse how this is turning to be like myspace 2.
    Well that's good to hear. I know you use to use LJ years ago...I can't remember all the stuff from back then (been so long), but last I remember you sounded happy, and that's what counts. ^^ Just glad to at least heard from you again.
    Nothing that exciting, just counting down the days when I get out of school. But I saw your pic yesterday, and you look pretty good what I'm seeing on the pic thread.
    I've been good lately, just a bit stressed of going through finals. I have a bad habit going back on the forums when I'm in finals, but at the same time it kinda releases it at the same time. I felt like getting in touch back with a few people on here. So what your been up to lately?
    *lol* Well you didn't need to go to the trouble of posting names, I totally remembered who you were. XD

    And overall I've been pretty good. Some stuff has troubled me, but Jesus gets me through it all. Not a bad life, I can live with it. XD

    To be blunt, I've been reconsidering my engagement lately.

    Other than that, it's been alright. Still slaving away at a pizza shop. I should really get another job, lmao. I'm tired of making food for people.


    *reads both yours and wobba's convo and grabs the ultimate poker.* OKay ladies, you're gonna get MEGA POKED!
    ;;!!! Nuuuuuuuu!!! Don't leave me out of that shipping gang! ;O Daniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii *glomps*
    I'll read both when I stop getting so damn easily distracted by stuff. These forums don't help any, and neither do chatrooms or MSN. XD
    Well, I meant more active... but oh well. It was late cause this was recently added.

    Good luck with writing Aura.
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