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Recent content by MondoTR

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    Heroes Thread

    That was be freakin' awesome. :D I thought the puppet guy was dead. Apparently not, lol. Definitely didn't expect that ending.
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    Heroes Thread

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_of_Us,_One_of_Them His bio there says he's going to return for a story arc in fugitives. Hopefully that idea doesn't get tossed aside. And maybe they'll show Monica as well. :D
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    Heroes Thread

    Start of season 3, actually. He met his Aunt Tracey.
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    Heroes Thread

    I'd forgotten there was another bar scene, heh. I'd agree with you but he'd never met the water breather before either.
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    Heroes Thread

    Just watched all 3 Fugitive eps. The concept of Sylar having a sidekick is greatly amusing. Also, love the deja vu scene with Peter and Mohinder in the cab. XD My only disappointment is that there was no return or at least no mention of previously shown people with powers that are still alive...
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    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    I've only seen the Blue Beetle and Green Lantern eps but so far I've enjoyed it. Definitely different from the 90s cartoon but still just as good. :D The Blue Beetle one was some crazy timing since I was reading the Teen Titans comic that he joins the team in less than a week prior. X)
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    The Official Anime Caption Thread V.2 **SPOILERS WARNING**

    Tiny Toons, that's an easy reference. No one got mine. ;P http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn265/martianmister/91.jpg Dawn: You are not a Spinda! X(
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    Shipping Picture Thread

    Exactly why I don't post in this thread much. I'd rather rarely post and have those posts be actual shippy pics then to post constantly with pics that simply contain two character I ship despite the pic having absolutely no shipping content...
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    *~Eeveelution Evolution*~ - Version 7.0

    If I had one in real life I'd get some medicine to get rid of my hallucinations. ;P In the games I'd train it and contemplate if I'd want to evolve it and if I did then I'd have to figure out what I'd evolve it into.
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    Excel Saga

    XD That's awesome. Now I want to see some sort of crossover pic/fic. Big Al - I definitely enjoyed this more than Bobobo. I just wish I could find the series again since everything I know about it is from three years ago so I barely remember it.
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    It might depend on where you get it. I know some of the volumes I bought had the plastic wrap but not all of them did. I believe volume 5 comes out in a few weeks. :D
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    You got into it cause I support it. :P I can't see these two ever meeting in the show but there are valid ways they can meet in fics. One would be for Ash, Misty, and the others to have a big get together with some of their old friends (most reoccurring characters). Another would be an...
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    The Official Anime Caption Thread V.2 **SPOILERS WARNING**

    http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn265/martianmister/61.jpg Ash: Damn piñata, where's my candy!?
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    Shippers Forum - We Need Your INPUTS!!!

    I already PMed Ki about making a thread with reasons why the subsection would be good and for people to reply to to show their support. I just need to flesh out the reasons and such a bit but once that's done I'll post the thread as petition of sorts.
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    MidnightLucario said to give this topic a cool name.

    I've known you almost fives years and I can't recall seeing any pics of you before now. o_O; Anyways, nice pics. :D