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Last Activity:
Oct 4, 2018
Jan 13, 2013
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September 25

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Shudo's Powerhouses

moneylesswario was last seen:
Oct 4, 2018
    1. Pokegirl Fan~
    2. Pokegirl Fan~
    3. Canada
      Come back to us.
    4. The Power of Pika
      The Power of Pika
      Sorry about taking so long to reply. I haven't been on here in a while. I haven't done much Pokemon in general actually.

      The transition period is over for Pokemon. I don't have an aversion to the show anymore but at the same time I don't really see it as anything special. It's a fun cartoon to watch when in the mood but in the end it's not that big of a deal. I haven't watched in a while though.

      As for how I'm feeling today. I miss the days before Pokemon's existence. That's how I'm feeling. So much that I want to bring a little of it back even if it's just a taste of it.

      That's a shame. I would never wish Pokemon to never air again because kids still enjoy it and I wouldn't want to take it away from them.

      Yeah I like that part since it was funny. Though it was kind of short lived though.

      In other news, the other week I went to a Dreamworks exhibition. That was very enlightening on the process of animation for me and wonderful seeing most of the aspects in what goes into a cartoon.=3
    5. PokemonNation2000
      [lol, next he'll be saying Charles Martinet's Luigi isn't the best and that guy who said "lotsa spaghetti" was knowing his god-awful taste in voice acting (as well as in what comprise good villains for that matter, like his love for retarded idiot incarnations of TRio.]
    6. PokemonNation2000
      Yup! That IS what they sound like now, after all! :)
    7. Benny™
      I find Citro to be one of the "better" ones but that isn't saying much for me, as his gag is annoying. I meant Rocko in general.
    8. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      And Meowth said another Baby Term in Late BW "One More Pushing Wushy!" REALLY?! REALLY?
    9. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Yeah I was trolling in that XD
      I know.
    10. Darkrai 888
      Darkrai 888
      If U hear Baby Terms like that, then U know THE SHOW IS BAD!
    11. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      LOL that was me XD
    12. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      I don't hate her, I like her actually XD
      It's Ash, Team Rocket, and the way that they're handling her that I hate XD
    13. PokemonNation2000
      Oh, I see: no problem. :)

      I love what you said about Team Rocket! Spot on, man!
    14. PokemonNation2000
      You don't dislike Bonnie, man? I hate her! xD.
    15. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Not really lol.
    16. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      It is full. .
    17. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Because of the May bashing?
    18. Pokegirl Fan~
    19. PokemonNation2000
      LMAO: this dub is abysmal.
    20. J Ken
      J Ken
      [Yep though if we still got DA! and XY then it would have still been bad.
      Nando was the best one but he barely did anything.
      I don't even think his "opponent" was smart enough to properly aim at him.
      :( I need to reread the story again.
      How about when they help a generic COTD with a problem and then TRio shows up and the generic COTD happens to fix their problem?
      I read it whenever Paul fanboys reemerge from whatever hole they crawl out from.
      No problem. The new part was gold. lol
      Here's Golen and Kyoya wearing each others clothing.]
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  • About

    September 25
    Favourite Pokémon:
    People Who Have Ripped Off My Avatar:


    Titles I Have Ripped Off:

    We Got 3D: XY! (Cresselia92)

    Pokemon: Back to Basics Chapter Titles That Were Ripped Off From Me (And The Offenders):

    "Go Go Gogoat!" (Decolora Adventures)

    Pairings I support (Pokemon)

    ??? (Virgil + Yvonne (NOT Anime Serena))
    (OTP) Pokeshipping (Ash+Misty)
    Handymanshipping (Tracey+Daisy)
    Sissyshipping (Brock+Wilhelmina)
    Brockshipping (Brock+Harem)
    May+Drew (Contestshipping)
    Dawn+Nando (Idk...)
    May+Harley (Idk)

    Pairings I support (Mario)

    (OTP) Mario+Peach

    *Pairings I Support (Serebii)*

    ATripThroughTheLanguageBarrierShipping (J Ken + Amiちゃん) - I think they'd make a good couple even though they don't have much in common.
    (OTP) KawaiiShipping (AquaMilotic + Blood Red Absol) - It's canon.
    SerperiorPairShipping (J Ken + Airi-chan) - Both of them are diehard Trip fans.
    ImRunningOutOfIdeasForNamesAsYouCanSeeShipping (Benny+Lilia+Ash + TopGengar999) - They're different, yet also similar, if that makes sense.
    TheIdealEeveelutionShipping (Hero of Ideals + Nymphia) - Still no particular reason.
    OtakuForTwoShipping (Amiちゃん + Dogasu) - Self-explanatory.
    DubVoiceShipping (Dwail8023 + The Power of Pika) - They're pretty much the best of friends, even though they share opposing opinions, especially where dubs are concerned. Too bad it's not canon...
    CharmingSuperSaiyanShipping (Charmed + gohan5) - No particular reason.
    JohtoSucksShipping (CyberCubed + Caseydia) - Both of them are exactly the same, and they're around the same age, too...
    FanaticMistShipping (pokemon fan 132 + Angel~) - They're both hardcore Misty fans.
    BlueOceanShipping (OceanicLanturn + Bluedragonfangirl) - No particular reason.
    DrillCottShipping (Doryuzu + 00_pokemaniac) - Those two have so much in common it's not even funny.
    StackShipping (PachirisuPanCake + Male Harem (One-Sided)) - I don't think I need to explain this one.

    *If you take this seriously...shame on you. Also if you want to be removed, then inform me.*

    I do NOT support (Pokemon):

    FranticShipping (Ruby + Sapphire) - Two complete opposites with little in common...okay then.)
    ??? (Clemont + Serena)
    YellowBlondShipping (Clemont + Bonnie) - They're SIBLINGS!
    XtraordinarYShipping (Yvonne/Serena + Xavier/Calem)
    Orangeshipping (Tracey + Misty)
    ??? (Misty + Danny) - I don't like pedophilia.
    ??? (Misty + Rudy) - See above.
    Gymshipping (Brock + Misty) - See above.
    Amourshipping (Ash + Yvonne/Serena) - Retconning Serena into Ash's childhood friend doesn't make them a good couple.
    Advanceshipping (Ash + May)
    ??? (Dawn + Max)
    Pearlshipping (Ash + Dawn)
    ??? (XY Girl + XY Boy)

    I do NOT support (Mario):
    Mario+Luigi (SICK!!!)
    Any other weird pairings.

    I do NOT support (Serebii):

    OddlyNamedShipping (DawnBoy + besho) - I don't think these two have known each other for long...
    WannaBeNumberSevenOnTheDexShipping (Doryuzu + Squirtle_007) - I don't know what people see in this ship, or how it became so popular...
    HikariDanceShipping (DawnBoy + Cresselia92) - They're good FRIENDS, that's it.
    DracozardShipping (Dracoflare + Charizard-Fan) - Have these two met?
    CubedTurkeyShipping (besho + CyberCubed) - This pairing makes no sense...
    ClashofTwoManiacsShipping (Pokemaniac24 + Dogasu) - *gag*
    ShockingBanShipping (1rkhachatryan + Encyclopik) - Who started this? For one, the latter has a boyfriend! For another... yeah, it's best if I don't go into too much detail here.
    SuperSaiyanDiaShipping (gohan5 + Caseydia) - This doesn't even make sense...
    BlueSnakeShipping (Bluedragonfangirl + J Ken) - And neither does this...
    CharmingWaterStarterShipping (Squirtle_007 + Charmed) - They don't have much in common besides being Oshawott fans.
    NoSidesJustWingsShipping (Angel~ + CC) - This is just wrong...
    SquealingSwanShipping (Hero of Ideals + Cresselia92) - Ugh, no thanks.
    DreamsOfSquaresShipping (HoennDreamer + pokemonsquared) - They don't have much in common, or anything at all...
    DawnIsTheBestShipping (DawnBoy + fer92) - It would end as quickly as it begins. Sure, they have a mutual interest in Dawn, but what else?
    IrisBoyShipping (HatersGonnaHate + gohan5) - They like IRIS, not EACH OTHER!
    DisproportionalUsernameShipping (1rkhachatryan + p96822) - Do these two even talk?
    OceanDubShipping (OceanicLanturn + Dwail8023) - ......
    GothicDawnShipping (Gothitelle K + DawnBoy) - This one is just weird...
    Rodents4MarketingShipping (moneylessswario + The Power Of Pika) - They're 10 years apart! If you support this pairing, you support pedophilia.
    WallOfTextShipping (pokemon fan 132 + Doryuzu) - ...Do I even need to explain this one?
    BWRulesShipping (Squirtle_007 + 00_pokemaniac) - All they'd talk about is how bad Sinnoh is...No chemistry.
    StopHatinOn51Shipping (Canada + HatersGonnaHate) - These two neither talk nor have anything in common...

    Favorite Stories (in order):

    Beyond Truths and Squeals by Writer under training
    *Pokemon: Black N White by thedehydrator
    Aquatic Passion by AquaMilotic
    Pokemon Go! by J Ken
    Pokemon: Best Wishes: Reloaded Edition by Cresselia92
    Road to Be a Pokemon Master by Writer under training.
    Traveler by The Straight Elf
    The Girl Who Knows The Hearts Of Dragons by The Lamest Dragon Type in the Pokemon World
    Pokemon: The Electric Project by Fire Girl125
    Storming Unova by perfect oblivion
    *The Dramatic Readings of Professor Oak by Snowflake16
    Sinnoh Revamped by Analon
    Eden by Hope Estheim
    Three's A Crowd/Misty Returns to DiamondPearl! by HighQueen
    You Paired Me With Who? by Midori12
    Rival's Story by Gastly's Mama
    *Stewie's Journey by pokemonsquared

    * represents those that were taken down.



    I, stickerstaryoshi, am now authorized to use the usertitle "We got 3D: XY!", created by user Cresselia92 and to modify it according to my desires.

    Fan of the Mario and Luigi series since 2005.