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Favorite Characters:
Brock (Pokemon: Original Series)
Silver (Pokemon GSC/HGSS)
Mario and Luigi (Super Mario Bros. series)
Sora, Kairi, Riku (Kingdom Hearts 1 - 2)
Terra (Birth By Sleep)
Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)
Rinoa Heartily and Edea (Final Fantasy VIII)
Lulu and Jecht (Final Fantasy X)
Vivi Ornitier and Kuja (Final Fantasy IX)

Least Favorite Characters:
Serena, May and Max, and Paul (Pokemon anime)
Ash Ketchum (Pokemon XY) -Combines all of the worst aspects of every other Ash and adds unnecessary glorification and wannabe badassery to the mix.
Any version of Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts DDD and onwards)
Kersti (Paper Mario: Sticker Star)
Bowser (Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Color Splash)
Brother (Final Fantasy X and X-2)
Chris Thorndyke (Sonic X)
Cloud Strife (Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts, and all other post-VII material)
Hope Estheim (Final Fantasy XIII)
Brian Griffin (post-cancellation Family Guy)
Gladiolus Amicitia (Final Fantasy XV) - No personality outside of bitching. And he had the nerve to say Noctis was "whiny"!

People Who Have Ripped Off My Avatar:


Titles I Have Ripped Off:

We Got 3D: XY! (Cresselia92)

Pokemon: Back to Basics Chapter Titles That Were Ripped Off From Me (And The Offenders):

"Go Go Gogoat!" (Decolora Adventures)

Pairings I support (Pokemon)

??? (Virgil + Yvonne (NOT Anime Serena))
(OTP) Pokeshipping (Ash+Misty)
Handymanshipping (Tracey+Daisy)
Sissyshipping (Brock+Wilhelmina)
Brockshipping (Brock+Harem)
May+Drew (Contestshipping)
Dawn+Nando (Idk...)
May+Harley (Idk)

Pairings I support (Mario)

(OTP) Mario+Peach

*Pairings I Support (Serebii)*

ATripThroughTheLanguageBarrierShipping (J Ken + Amiちゃん) - I think they'd make a good couple even though they don't have much in common.
(OTP) KawaiiShipping (AquaMilotic + Blood Red Absol) - It's canon.
SerperiorPairShipping (J Ken + Airi-chan) - Both of them are diehard Trip fans.
ImRunningOutOfIdeasForNamesAsYouCanSeeShipping (Benny+Lilia+Ash + TopGengar999) - They're different, yet also similar, if that makes sense.
TheIdealEeveelutionShipping (Hero of Ideals + Nymphia) - Still no particular reason.
OtakuForTwoShipping (Amiちゃん + Dogasu) - Self-explanatory.
DubVoiceShipping (Dwail8023 + The Power of Pika) - They're pretty much the best of friends, even though they share opposing opinions, especially where dubs are concerned. Too bad it's not canon...
CharmingSuperSaiyanShipping (Charmed + gohan5) - No particular reason.
JohtoSucksShipping (CyberCubed + Caseydia) - Both of them are exactly the same, and they're around the same age, too...
FanaticMistShipping (pokemon fan 132 + Angel~) - They're both hardcore Misty fans.
BlueOceanShipping (OceanicLanturn + Bluedragonfangirl) - No particular reason.
DrillCottShipping (Doryuzu + 00_pokemaniac) - Those two have so much in common it's not even funny.
StackShipping (PachirisuPanCake + Male Harem (One-Sided)) - I don't think I need to explain this one.

*If you take this seriously...shame on you. Also if you want to be removed, then inform me.*

I do NOT support (Pokemon):

FranticShipping (Ruby + Sapphire) - Two complete opposites with little in common...okay then.)
??? (Clemont + Serena)
YellowBlondShipping (Clemont + Bonnie) - They're SIBLINGS!
XtraordinarYShipping (Yvonne/Serena + Xavier/Calem)
Orangeshipping (Tracey + Misty)
??? (Misty + Danny) - I don't like pedophilia.
??? (Misty + Rudy) - See above.
Gymshipping (Brock + Misty) - See above.
Amourshipping (Ash + Yvonne/Serena) - Retconning Serena into Ash's childhood friend doesn't make them a good couple.
Advanceshipping (Ash + May)
??? (Dawn + Max)
Pearlshipping (Ash + Dawn)
??? (XY Girl + XY Boy)

I do NOT support (Mario):
Mario+Luigi (SICK!!!)
Any other weird pairings.

I do NOT support (Serebii):

OddlyNamedShipping (DawnBoy + besho) - I don't think these two have known each other for long...
WannaBeNumberSevenOnTheDexShipping (Doryuzu + Squirtle_007) - I don't know what people see in this ship, or how it became so popular...
HikariDanceShipping (DawnBoy + Cresselia92) - They're good FRIENDS, that's it.
DracozardShipping (Dracoflare + Charizard-Fan) - Have these two met?
CubedTurkeyShipping (besho + CyberCubed) - This pairing makes no sense...
ClashofTwoManiacsShipping (Pokemaniac24 + Dogasu) - *gag*
ShockingBanShipping (1rkhachatryan + Encyclopik) - Who started this? For one, the latter has a boyfriend! For another... yeah, it's best if I don't go into too much detail here.
SuperSaiyanDiaShipping (gohan5 + Caseydia) - This doesn't even make sense...
BlueSnakeShipping (Bluedragonfangirl + J Ken) - And neither does this...
CharmingWaterStarterShipping (Squirtle_007 + Charmed) - They don't have much in common besides being Oshawott fans.
NoSidesJustWingsShipping (Angel~ + CC) - This is just wrong...
SquealingSwanShipping (Hero of Ideals + Cresselia92) - Ugh, no thanks.
DreamsOfSquaresShipping (HoennDreamer + pokemonsquared) - They don't have much in common, or anything at all...
DawnIsTheBestShipping (DawnBoy + fer92) - It would end as quickly as it begins. Sure, they have a mutual interest in Dawn, but what else?
IrisBoyShipping (HatersGonnaHate + gohan5) - They like IRIS, not EACH OTHER!
DisproportionalUsernameShipping (1rkhachatryan + p96822) - Do these two even talk?
OceanDubShipping (OceanicLanturn + Dwail8023) - ......
GothicDawnShipping (Gothitelle K + DawnBoy) - This one is just weird...
Rodents4MarketingShipping (moneylessswario + The Power Of Pika) - They're 10 years apart! If you support this pairing, you support pedophilia.
WallOfTextShipping (pokemon fan 132 + Doryuzu) - ...Do I even need to explain this one?
BWRulesShipping (Squirtle_007 + 00_pokemaniac) - All they'd talk about is how bad Sinnoh is...No chemistry.
StopHatinOn51Shipping (Canada + HatersGonnaHate) - These two neither talk nor have anything in common...

September 25
Favourite Pokémon


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