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  • [Same here but I only have enough interest in the episodes to watch them raw.
    Who do you think is goofier now Golen or Tom? xD
    Indeed, what if you were related to Professor Oak?
    Unless the show gets cancelled he'll never win a league. :/
    Yeah well I've been working on it a few days before but I got caught up drawing and didn't finish it. lol
    That's true but who says she can't be happy with Golen? xD]
    [IKR? lol I don't even watch Pokemon on TV either.
    Tom will fill the void. xD
    That's true. lol Ash would handle it as well.
    IKR? lol He still doesn't even look close to winning it. xD
    I'll be done by the end of today or tomorrow.
    But what? xD]
    [That's true but still better than watching hours of crap on TV.
    Don't worry no matter how long it is I'll make sure to keep things interesting.
    Jessie, James, Meowth's VA?
    lol Like Golen finally wins the league and rushes back home expecting a warm welcome and then when they see him they just punch him out and that's how the series ends. xD
    More or less. Though I take too long to finish Ch. 19.
    Wouldn't putting her head with his be more heartwarming? xD]
    [Agreed, though I usually watch videos online so that helps fill the void.
    I'm not even sure. lol I'll give brief hints every now and then but there's no definite focus coming anytime soon.
    Yep, you'd be too busy getting nauseous over how dumb he sounds.
    Imagine if they really punch him when they meet up with him. lol
    That sounds good. The gap definitely won't be 12 chapters like between Gym 1 and 2.
    Oh I meant her putting her arm on his head. xD]
    [IKR? TV just sucks now.
    It'll take a while so bear with me till then. xD
    What would you do when Meowth talks like he usually does? lol
    lol Well at least she got a cameo in Ch. 18 right?
    That's good, estimately how long do you think it will take for Golen's 3rd Gym win?
    How about her putting her head on Golen's head or patting him?]
    [Pretty much. On all channels there's barely 10 good shows not counting reruns.
    Yeah. xD Btw she will get fleshed out eventually along with the rest of Golen's past.
    If you pissed him of he'd probably keep you on that team for life, you might even have to start rhyming and alliterating like them as well. *shudders*
    Is it Amy? lol
    Interesting choice. Have you noticed how Golen's rival's presence in the series has been pretty nonexistent since after Ch. 12?
    That'll be hard but I'll see what I can do. lol ]
    [IKR? So does Nick, Disney and MTV.
    Yeah that's true. Though Amy still has yet to meet anyone in person, so I wouldn't count it out just yet. xD
    What would you do if you were part of TRio? o.o
    What is it?
    Cool, how about meetings that don't include Amy? lol
    If you want. xD Or something that shows her emasculating him. lol]
    [IKR? Just like Steven Universe and all the other crap on CN.
    Nice choices, but I'm surprised that you didn't put Amy/Tom. xD
    Same here, then I'd change my face to avoid being mistaken as a family member of his.
    Do you think the quality has improved since TD's personalities were fleshed out and Vlad joined the group?
    Nice choices. Which characters do you want to meet the most?
    Eh screaming at Golen or something. lol]
    [Yep like Clarence. *shakes in fear*
    I know. xD What ships seem likely to you in PGo!?
    I'd die of embarrassment from association.
    Golen's group VS Dogma trio once again.
    Cool. :D Btw what are your top 5 favorite chapters?
    I promise to show you when I finish. :) Though I'll use my time to fins the right scenario to draw her in.]
    [Yep, they always do that in between season, it's kind of annoying.
    Oh my bad. xD That would probably be likely considering Amy already thought of Tom s cute when she first saw him so if Tom actually makes a move well Golen can say hello to his new brother-in-law. lol
    IKR? lol Plus who can stand to be related to that eternal failure?
    Yep, do you want a hint of what the new chapter is about?
    Indeed. lol Do you like the contrast that while Golen's rivals are stoic and superior that Kim is hammy and bossy?
    Eh she'll take a while, along with Team Dogma I haven't actually drawn them yet so I'd need more time for them.]
    [Same though they seemingly stopped giving episodes in general again.
    IKR? But it'd be creepy cause they're related. lol
    Indeed but could be better I mean he could be Ash's mom. *shudders*
    His goal is currently ambiguous. He's not really a specific rival for any of them and will be like more like a recurring ally that battles and helps them at times.
    Nah he'd probably be more around her league if he was her rival. Golen's rivals are the only ones who way surpass him.
    Good. xD And don't worry you'll be getting an image for Tom, Vlad, Dogma trio and maybe Amy in the next few weeks. :D]
    Oh my god, now his TR fetish makes sense! He lies them because theyre the same!
    [I watch the episodes that include my favorite characters like Albedo and GhostFreak.
    It's awkward especially if they do get married. lol
    That's just how much of a hell hole he lives in. xD
    Oh well, it depends on whether they meet up again cause Omi for a fact isn't involved in the Circuit and National's stuff.
    That's disturbing. o.o Might as well be Carly's rival if that was the case. xD
    Cool, did it make Kyoya seem like less of a threat that he wasn't paired up in the intense picture with serious Golen the other rivals and was relegated to a happy bro type picture instead?]
    Got a link? I can't believe that guy at all, who gives a flip about JPN culture?! It's a meh quality anime, not a cultural enlightenment class!
    [ Trust me it was. lol Omniverse made Ben in general an arrogant brat.
    That's how close they are. xD
    Ugh he's almost TRio level. lol
    I'm glad. :) Maybe a little but they don't really have much of a relationship so not too much.
    No way. lol You wouldn't take him as a serious threat if he was. xD
    Nice. ^.^ Based off of the pictures who seems to be Golen's main rivals from Kyoya, Rayzoni and Kozu?]
    [I think it's because the author thinks things out well and has plenty of time to focus and develop everyone. They exaggerated his brattiness and arrogance from the original version and made him and Gwen look even less mature then they were at the start of the original series.
    Eh. xD Then him and Amy must be inseparable. lol
    It's like he's living Ash's life. o.o
    Did you like Chapter 18?
    Thanks. :) No, I meant Carly. lol
    I have another pic too! The left is Kyoya, the middle Valen and the right is Golen.]
    [Me neither but since Luffy's crew never really get shafted I can tell that Luffy isn't a glory hog hero. Same here, though he's a brat in the Omniverse flashbacks.
    They wouldn't bond, they'd just drive him insane. xD
    That's a living hell for Golen. lol
    No. I had already decided on Kim's name since I needed a K name for Carly's rival but then I was running low on name ideas at the time so I decided to name Omi after Omi from XS since I had already planned on him being a short energetic kid since before I named him.
    Btw I drew a picture of Golen and his rivals. The one on the left is Rayzoni, the middle Golen and the left is Kozu.]

    [I also drew another new picture. The one on the left is Kim, the middle is Golen and the left is Kozu.]
    I started watching Pokemon season 2 as I planned.

    Well looks like my lack of interest in Pokemon has become more of a blessing. My interest has died down but the lack of interest seems to be more still have a little interest but feels like any other cartoon. It doesn't feel special at all.

    I obviously went through the transition period that happens with me and cartoons every now and then however this went surprisingly fast. One week to get over is a new record.

    Never had it happen in a week before. Guess that's a good thing because the show is watchable again and I get some enjoyment out of it.

    However I'm very indifferent to everything in the show. All I care about is watching it for the characters and story when I feel like it then after that I'll do something else. Pokemon feels like any other old cartoon.

    It's not too bad actually. I kind of like it this way because I can focus on other things more. I feel I can get through the rest of my DVD's okay now.=)

    At the moment I'm aiming to finish season 2 and movie 2 and then watching samurai pizza cats or sonic after that. I can't get enough of sonic at the moment.XD

    Then when I'm in the mood I'll move to season 3.=3

    I think out of the few episodes I watched yesterday the best one would have to be the Meowth's past one. That's part of season 2 according to Australia's count.
    Though my least liked episode was the Mr mime one.=/
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