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  • True, I'd at least settle for a semi decent ability unlike certain new Mega Evos.
    No public but it's quite an energetic school.
    He's only got respect for the site, and his former position of power really. They're like sheep.
    Better be awesome and should be a Rock type as well.
    The Graduation schedule is kinda mixed up with so many schools in one building while end of the year stuff was classmates organized rather than school related thing.
    Definitely, it could be 8 headed just like what it's supposed to be based off of.
    Not entirely, there's also his graduation and some other end of the school related things as well.
    Agreed. How about Volcarona?
    Oh, well I doubt her name is Kimiko. I'll guess and say that the name starting with K was a parallel to Golen's rivals mostly having names starting with K.
    You mean like 99% of BMGf? It's so lame when everybody worships an idiot like him.
    Ummm... I'd definitely give a bigger role to Misty and Brock, for example, and focus more on their goals.
    Yeah your right but I kind of wanted to have it added to my number count on my cartoon watch list.=/
    I could just count it as watched but then I feel I'm cheating because I starting counting starting from when I put the list up.
    I'll just speed through it. Season 2 should be easy to finish first. I'll just take it one season at a time. Makes a good time passer until more sonic DVD's arrive.=P

    There is no sonic avatar in the brawl avatar list. They got Snake but no sonic.D=

    No I won't be going with Pikaminccino.
    It'll be something relating to sonic. Though I haven't decided the exact name. How many letters does serebii allow for a username? I haven't changed my username here in years. Though on Bulbagarden as you know I've changed it a few times.XP

    Good list.=)

    I like warner bros though mainly the early Bugs bunny stuff.=3
    It's actually what inspires me animation wise mostly. I have a whole DVD based on Chuck Jones and how he animates that I use as study. Though I keep that separate to the entertainment aspect of Bugs bunny though.

    My favourite shorts of warner bros would have to be Rabbit of Seville with Bugs bunny and Duck Amuck with Daffy Duck.=3

    I like TMNT 80's version personally. Which version do you like?

    I love Avatar the last airbender.=)

    I use to watch Hey Arnold and Spongebob but that was a long time ago.

    To make a list of cartoons I watch or intend too would take too long since there's 100's.XP

    I wouldn't know where the start.

    Though a few cartoons I watch are Digimon, Rugrats, tintin(90's) and animals of farthing wood. Though that's only 1% of what i watch.=3
    I tend to jump all over the place.
    [Cool. Hmm for me along with those I also like Luffy from One Piece and Ben 10 from UAF and the original series.
    Just imagine it a bunch of intellectually superior kids verbally owning the hell out of Golen and he can't even understand a word of what they're saying. xD
    Who wouldn't be ashamed to be Ash?
    Probably. xD Just expect it to be hell for Golen. lol
    Good. xD Btw Ch. 18 is out!]
    Glad I'm not the only one who liked the Digimon theme.=)

    I've made my final decision on the pokemon anime now after flip flopping all over the place. I'm giving up the silent watch. I keep putting it off. I really don't have the interest in pokemon like I use too.
    I'll keep my normal marathon (with sound and all) going since I might be able to squeeze whatever enjoyment is left out of it before i shelve it.

    I'm just tired of the show and I feel like going to other things now.

    I guess I'm more a sonic fan now considering that's what interests me now. I grew up on sonic so it's only natural.=)

    On another note. I'm not happy that I can't use a custom avatar here. I would have put sonic up if they had that option. Might go through the manga pictures since I'm okay with the manga still in addition to the games. It's really just the Pokemon show I've lost interest in.

    I'm thinking of changing my username later this year. I find it a bit odd that I can't change my username at any time but I can wait.
    Any other cartoons your into?
    And the people who thinks that Dogassu has a point, they need to be sacked twice an hour everyday.
    [Yep anything.
    Golen won't like that. xD
    I think even he's ashamed to be himself. lol
    He would. lol How do you think Carly would treat her?
    Sorry man, just stay strong. xD]
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