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  • [Yep though if we still got DA! and XY then it would have still been bad.
    Nando was the best one but he barely did anything.
    I don't even think his "opponent" was smart enough to properly aim at him.
    :( I need to reread the story again.
    How about when they help a generic COTD with a problem and then TRio shows up and the generic COTD happens to fix their problem?
    I read it whenever Paul fanboys reemerge from whatever hole they crawl out from.
    No problem. The new part was gold. lol
    Here's Golen and Kyoya wearing each others clothing.]
    Hemp: A plant that is used to make thick ropes and some drugs (such as hashish and marijuana).

    I don't either: limpid means clear, but I still don't know WTF he's saying.
    Found some new bad lines to send to MCM in those 2 clips Darkrai sent me just now:

    "Your eyes, gorgeous, like limpid pools of water from a battling brook. Let me draw closer so I can have a good look! Because when it comes to the beauty of Officer Jenny, I always get good and shook! Date me, break me!" - Brock

    "Danger: too much hemp!" - James
    [A series without TRio, it sounds like heaven.
    Sounds legit. lol Those guys were as stale as Ash without any of his past glory to latch onto.
    That's true. I mean what's so funny about Ash losing the one time where he was the smarter trainer.
    Damn, it's been so long I forgot the numbering. :(
    Nice list. They'll all get something in this arc, we'll also resolve Carly and Vlad's insecurities that began to manifest cause of the Rayzoni thing.
    That is a terrible sign and I agree. I lost count of how many episodes we have where HGhost types play the bad guy in a "scary" episode.
    I reread it a while ago and I almost busted a but when Loser Paul got caught. lol
    It's a fun read. :D]
    [Agreed, if they didn't butt in then we wouldn't even have gotten Episode DA!-onward TRio!
    That's more accurate. What was Kenny and Dawn's other rivals?
    He lost to someone stupider than he was.
    Nice. :D What number chapter was it again?
    Will do. :) Who you think are the top 5 characters who need more focus for this arc?
    Pokemon is the type of show that could be as creative as it wants yet still sucks at even that.
    Remember the BtB One-shot chapter? lol That was loser Paul at his best...or is it worst?
    I'm on right now!]
    [Though I'm not sure if TRio deserves sympathy, I mean their VAs did butt in and get them to being how they are now.
    Barry wishes he played second fiddle, I mean he wasn't even important in the end.
    True, instead he went out to a joke.
    Darn. :( What's the title of the chapter?
    Nice. :) What's your wish list for Arc 2 aside from more Amy? xD
    Pokemon doesn't even have half that much quality.
    Cool, my listing was.
    Brock> Ash (Mega Evo)> Gary> Yvonne=Ash=Misty>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Loser Paul.]
    [Poor Ash. He doesn't deserve it but he'll keep getting called those names just for his own shortcomings.
    Yep cause who needs balance when you've got constant TRio, Paul glorification and background time with Brock?
    Funny enough it would have been less embarrassing than how he did end up losing.
    Oh alright, when will it be out?
    What was your favorite battle in Arc 1? xD
    That would definitely suck if it did. Then again they had 17 years of quality, take notes Pokemon.
    Btw can you give me a ranking of how the BtB main cast is ranked in power?]
    [Ash is a man of many names. Like failure, loser, noob, etc, if it's a derogatory remark then you can bet that someone's used to it describe Ash. xD
    Pretty much. If there was balance then BW would actually have been up there as a popular series.
    Can you imagine if Ash lost in the prelims? lol
    Cool, btw did you ever get to working on that BtB chapter?
    Oh...Ch. 29 will be up tomorrow. :)
    A lot of things lose their edge after going on for years. FoP, SB, Naruto, DBGT, etc. The only series I an think of that's gone on for a long time and not lost quality is One Piece and even then it's only at the half way point so who's to say that things don't go down hill in the end of the final half.]
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