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  • Yup, that's the one! Exactly, man: exactly.

    That's what I think really stands out about him: it wasn't about trying to be cool or badass-- it was about trying to be down-to-Earth and humble.

    Everything makes sense now when you put it that way lol.
    [That's an understatement.
    True, you noticed how the writers seemed to go out of their way to make everyone but him look bad?
    I know but this is the anime we're talking about...
    There's more to it but you know it's deeper into the story.
    I like to pay tribute to things I liked. Have you noticed Carly is like May in a way or that Tom is like a fusion of Cilan and Brock with an ego boost?
    He used to be talented though. :(]
    The one about Team Rocket's goals, and the user who has something with BW Ash and Iris in his signature.

    Yup, and what I really admire about him is that he wanted the show to be for everyone, kids and adults alike, which I found very genuine on his part-- it definitely shows in episodes he wrote and directed, I think.

    Atsuhiro Tomioka was a good writer, until he became the head writer: then...it all went to hell. The only things he can write at all nowadays are battles well, honestly.
    I saw a fan here just today who came up with a more original plot for Team Rocket than what the writers are doing in XY as well.

    Man, I think without Takeshi Shudo, over time the Anime has lost the creativity and ingenuity he put into it: he was definitely the Anime's best writer.
    [ Just like TR, Brock and Ash. Pretty much so, and overrated ones at that. Agreed, I guess Serena will steal the focus from Clemont, which I like. ]
    [Yep cause no matter what he gets, he'd fail anyway.
    IKR? lol Stephan is overrated by fans as well tbh. He was mediocre nothing great.
    Yep, though he was too OP for BW Ash so I guess they had to weaken him to avoid haxing Ash out.
    It's a fearful admiration. lol
    No worries. For this story I planned on having characters being like characters I like with changes being added to them over time while mixing them together with OCs to keep things diverse.
    Then FoP just sucks worse I guess.]
    [Yep, they even gave him a fangirl and a cheer squad to compensate for his failure. It's isn't working but still.
    True that, people just support them for not being the main rivals even if they're all the same.
    As soon as I saw Ash vs Trip in the first episode title I lost all hope for the league.
    Well she's tough and strong willed. Why wouldn't he admire that? xP
    Didn't they keep the same exact cast?
    True, Servine is up there as his best non Emolga Pokemon but the others aren't really around that level just yet.]
    [ Serena could've used that time for herself, but no, they didn't. Well Clemont is kinda a gag character with the invention gag and Aipom gag, not to mention his goal takes very little time. ]
    "With only 151 Pokemon existing, an average writer can make at least 500 good, creative episodes. There are now 719 Pokemon, and we're still seeing rehashes, lame plotlines, and just general uncreativity from professionals."

    ^Exactly, man: why is it that only a few people like us can see this?^
    [Yep, Ash is one of those losers where you lose brain cells just by seeing him try to be cool.
    Agreed. Are the goofy rivals enigmas?
    Yep, unfortunately. Hbu?
    She's always been with him and he loves his sister and grandma for being his only family.
    True, though in SB's defense it went down cause the creator left the show.
    Below Kim and around Carly.]
    [ It would've been better as a Mega Evolution special, so you're right. Well they did make Brock lame in DP along with TR. ]
    [ Bonnie is the worst new character in XY IMO, Korrina is also terrible for eating up time, Clemont is getting stale, while Serena is bearable, IMO of course. ]
    [Yep, he's a loser even by loser standards.
    True that, what about Gary?
    Me neither. Thankfully my standards dropped a long time ago.
    It doesn't look like it but he does admire her as well.
    Yep. :x Spongebob went bad after 4-5 seasons.
    No problem. The power listing based off of what was recently shown from characters is this.
    Rayzoni>>Kozu> Dogma trio? Golen (w/ Accel Evolution)>=Tom> Logan> Golen (w/ Emolga)> Kim> Carly> Omi> Kyoya.]
    [He's a failure even then.
    Agreed, his backstory made him look like a whiny brat.
    It was good but nothing I payed too much attention to.
    Who's to say he doesn't already fear her the most? lol
    Agreed, FoP was supposed to be the type of show that could run for 10 years and still be awesome.
    Here are the ages of the main cast and Amy if you're interested.
    Golen: 13
    Carly: 13
    Tom: 17
    Vlad: 14
    Kyoya: 14
    Rayzoni: 16
    Kozu: 15
    Valen: 17
    Omi: 12
    Kim: 14
    Logan: 17
    Nichole: 19
    Duke: 19
    Amy: 18]
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