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  • [ And rewrite episodes, combine them, etc. Sure it'd be a total mess, but less TR is good, right? I disagree with to be honest, I mean Serena is getting better and better IMO, while DP Brock just got worse and worse, but to each their own. ]
    [It would be but being a king would mean he exceeds at something, which he doesn't.
    True, in a way rivals are enigmas too.
    Yep, DA! was lame and honestly I stopped caring after the Unova League.
    Golen's in for an *ss kicking if they eve meet up. lol
    IKR? Tbh I preferred Danny Phantom over FoP.
    Cool, by the way I reread one of the parts and Vlad is actually older than Golen and Carly.]
    [He's the King of Mediocrity.
    True. xD Who else is a mysterious enigma?
    I still watch but just to pass time rather for fun.
    Well he is the professor so of course. xP Imagine how pissed she'd be, I mean Golen hasn't called her in forever. lol
    He really didn't but then he did it anyway and his show suffered for it.
    Is the BtB/PGo! crossover still being worked on?]
    Agreed: the same can be said of Bill Rogers' Brock until Episode 22 of the BF dub, and from there, he also became atrocious as said character.
    [He's lost so much that he's got no chance of ever looking like a winner.
    Good point, is Brock mysterious?
    True, it's lessened for me since I don't care much about the anime anymore.
    They really need to return, from other people I talk to the story about Kyoya's really lost his relevance as a rival with Rayzoni and Kozu usurping him. It goes to Juniper, Amy doesn't even realize Golen caught more Pokemon than Emolga yet. xD
    By adding a unneeded baby and dog to the, shrinking the cast down to having like 7 relevant characters and tarnishing the greatness of the earlier seasons.
    We need a new chapter. I need BtB chapters like I need air.]
    Meowth in BF sounds far better than he does in XY: actually, the same goes for Jessie, James, and Ash (Early BF and MoMP Redub only in Ash's case).
    [Ash will never be credible tbh.
    Yep. lol Aren't most of the cast enigmas too, right? xD
    I feel like Pokemon fans know that feeling a bit too well when it comes to the anime.
    Yep, I looked back on the appearances for characters and Amy's last appearance was Ch. 18 while Kyoya's last appearance was Ch. 11...
    Definitely, instead we got more FoP seasons and we got Planet Sheen. :x
    Hmm yeah about that many. How long was BtB supposed to be?]
    Cool, man: cool. :)

    There's an almost unanimous consensus that Team Rocket in XY are pointless and useless to the fandom at this point, which I find amusing.
    Yeah, I'm watching it, but mostly in JPN w/subs- it still sucks to me, though.

    The English dub is just...lifeless and completely half-as*ed, so I barely watch it anymore, and only online at times.
    [Ash can beat Arceus one day then he'd get pwned by a newly hatched Caterpie 5 minutes later.
    Ash is such an enigma, but not the cool kind.
    I'm in denial cause of all the faith I had in him. lol
    I always say I'm not gonna waste it, but I always do. Though I got out around 10+ chapters so I guess that's a plus.
    I only saw portions of them cause I was too busy using the laptop to pay attention to the specials. They were planned to be the finale of both shows from what I heard
    Cool. lol Along with her we'll get more of Golen and Carly's goals and continuation from the confidence issues and conflicts of Arc 1 along with whatever else you like bout PGo!. xD]
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