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  • They were the worst in AG and DP, they should have left after Johto.
    Yeah and hopefully the blonde girl from the new gen. 6 games will be in the anime too so that I can watch the episodes that focus on her.
    I want Ash and Team Rocket gone, but sadly neither will happen D:
    I find the female protagonists to be the most interesting and entertaining now adays, I only will watch for them.
    It can't be helped, a dull replacement is a dull replacement. I can barely stomache with her stans.
    I pity her sometimes, she'll always be "that girl" who replaced Misty.

    Dawn is okay but I hate the rest.
    I find it cute how both brothers rescue her, but that needs to change kinda. The plot is always the same.

    Wow! You don't say....well, May being annoying is nothing out of the ordinary. She's a dull character in general.
    I like Daisy too! Just wish she would appear in more important mario games instead of spin offs.

    Why does everyone think I'm a mod? Lol. Oh, you mean Makuhita? I suggest you steer clear because he's a big hoenn obsessed fan who hates the original series and Misty fans. Just don't bother with him! I haven't actually seen that episode because I'm not up to Hoenn yet but was it really a bad episode??? It seems pretty funny from the review.
    Hi, its always nice to meet another Misty fan. She was best female character pokemon ever had imo and it was mistake to remove someone so realistic and complex like her. Although be careful in here, because there is quite a good number of people who hate her and in general discussions on her have been banned for huge problems debates about her have caused.

    Hehe but im glad to see were on same wave length knowing to appreciate good things os had.
    Misty is 10, she doens't love 5 year olds, she only loves immature, unromantic 10 year olds who have a Pikachu.
    Yeah, and unfortunately, life isn't fair...

    I'd rather see her single than seeing her with anyone else than Ash. And I also don't think Misty would ever consider anyone else than Ash (sorry, but also not you XP).
    What made you think I'm a mod? I'm not a mod.

    Indeed. When someone likes OS, Misty and/or PokeShipping, he/she gets bashed and the mods don't care, and when someone likes AG, DP, BW, May, Dawn, Iris, AdvanceShipping, PearlShipping and/or NegaiShipping, that opinion is generally accepted...

    I love Misty as a fan, not as a pervert. I'd see her as hot if she'd be closer to my age, but I'm not attracted to ten year olds. And even if I'd have a crush on Misty, I want her to be with Ash, not with me.
    Because the writers wanted Misty to go to the Gym, so they could get rid of her so they could include May.

    I don't have mod powers, I'm not a mod. Why did you think that?

    I also hate that user, he bashes Misty all the time...
    Yes... Chronicles made it worse: even though Misty's sisters were back from their holiday, they didn't allow Misty to leave the Gym.

    Indeed, Misty never showed interest in others than Ash.
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