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  • Good that you watched them, then you can make a fair judgement.

    Because the writers are meanies...

    Also, do you think Misty likes Danny, Rudy and Georgio?

    I don't.
    - I think she was flattered by Danny's compliment, that she used the "I prefer mature guys" line to hide her feelings for Ash (because Danny knew Misty has feelings for Ash), and that she acted like she was cheering for Danny to motivate Ash. And by trying to make Ash jealous, she could see if Ash would show jealous reactions, to see whether Ash loves her or not. And Ash's jealous reaction was what Misty wanted: Ash showed that he loves Misty. I also don't think Misty would be attracted to a guy who is two or three times her age. I'm not saying that Misty liking Danny is impossible, but I don't think Misty is attracted to him. But Misty liking Danny certainly isn't canon.
    - She was flattered by Rudy's compliment, and when Rudy asked her to stay, I noticed that she immediately felt uncomfortable, implying that she knew she didn't want to stay with him. She only told him about her decision at the end of the episode, but I think she made her decision immediately when Rudy asked her. She just didn't outright tell him because she didn't want to hurt his sister. During the Ash vs. Rudy battle, her preference for Ash was also so clear, it was clear to me that she wasn't torn between Ash and Rudy. I think Rudy loves Misty, but that Misty doesn't have feelings for Rudy. Even if Ash would've never existed, I don't think she would've stayed with Rudy.
    - I don't think Misty showed any sign of liking Georgio, I don't think she would've dated him even if Ash wouldn't exist.
    Yeah... I've seen them and given them a fair chance, I think I can make a fair judgement.

    Yeah... Misty's closure is horrible... May and Dawn get to pursue their dreams, they travel and still pursue their Coordinator dream. Misty is a Gym Leader against her will for the rest of her life, she'll never reach her goal and she'll die as an unhappy person and will be single forever because her sisters won't give her permission to see Ash again...
    I also don't really like the newer series.

    Do you also think it's bad that Misty is a Gym Leader now?

    I do:
    - Misty's goal is becoming a Water Pokemon Master, NOT a Gym Leader!
    - Misty's sisters took Misty away from the love of her life (Ashyboy).
    - At the Gym, Misty can't improve much more, she already was a Gym Leader before the anime started, and most challengers will be weak ones... Misty needs to travel!
    - The deal was that Misty would only be a Gym Leader until her sisters came back, but they're back and made no effort to regain their positions, which means they can force Misty to be a Gym Leader for the rest of her life.
    - Misty's sisters still are the owners of the Gym, so Misty can't appoint a replacement and leave... They would have to do that, and they're too lazy and mean to do that. Because of that, Misty can never leave...

    If she would've been able to travel on her own, I would've been able to deal with her departure much better than now, she's unhappy and she's a prisoner in her own house now...
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