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  • [That sucks. I missed it cause my house wasn't in the right position for me to see any of them.
    Shouldn't have existed at all if it was gonna be so overrated.
    They were owning Golen's group in a 2 on 3. lol
    Yep, he'd even destroy Charizard with his jobber of a Weavile.
    Hmm how about UG with Clarence and Annoying Orange?
    Awesome. :D Btw after I finish the next 2 chapters I'll get back to drawing. :)
    At least DA! made me forget about the rest of the crap on CN.]
    [Did you see any fireworks? I didn't. >.<
    Agreed or just a side special like the Mega Evo stuff.
    They might even beat Tom. lol
    IKR? Basically all they proved was that Paul at a handicap> Ash's Sinnoh team. :/
    That's true. Though Uncle Grandpa comes close. *shudders*
    How are you liking it so far? :D
    I still wake up at night from the nightmares. lol]
    Transition period is a period where I get a complete aversion to the show. I've found the best way to handle it is to talk it out with mature minded people who want to discuss the feelings I'm having about the show. That's probably what caused me to get over it so fast.

    When the transition is over however I don't really care much about it outside of it being a normal cartoon and nothing more. It's fun and enjoyable but it'll never reach the levels it once did. It's possible to get close but never the same. Sonic's doing that at the moment. It's definitely no where near the same level as when I was a little kid. I use to play games of sonic non stop as a kid and now I just play for half an hour to an hour and then go to something else. Yet I'm having a small boost of interest in it at the moment.

    I give it to the end of this month game wise and the end of the next week cartoon wise when it comes to sonic and I'll probably be onto something else. Cartoons that have gone through this never end up being on the same level as they once was. However I do enjoy them. Just a bit differently though. If pokemon was never going to be aired ever again and I lost my DVD's some way or another, I would not miss the cartoon what so ever.

    Yep Go west Young Meowth.

    I just don't like Mr Mime plus I found the whole Ash dressed as a Mr mime kind of embarrassing to watch.imo
    It had it's moment but wasn't really my type of episode.
    [Happy 4th of July!
    IKR? It was an improvement in the battle department and no one would complain as much since it didn't follow the overrated DP series.
    That is good. xD I told you they were stronger than Golen was. lol
    Yep, all the time. We saw the guy train his butt off every episode and then were supposed to believe Paul was forever superior to him despite that.
    It could be worse, I mean he could be Team Rocket. :x
    Chapter 19 and 20 are out!
    Darn, I hope you get to it. Otherwise we'll be stuck with DA! and XY reruns. :/]
    [IKR? lol That is mostly my BW will never get the credit it deserves.
    Awesome, what did the Dogma trio do to win you over?
    Me neither. I like to think that they just worfed him so that Paul seemed stronger in comparison.
    Oh Brock. :(
    Yep, I'm really cautious which is why I always have an extra file saved for all chapters.
    Cool, you think you'll be able to work on it any time soon?]
    Check this out.

    Almost all Mega Evo evolution abilities either aren't any better or are worse than the normal abilities. :/
    Which story?
    [Nah, it'd be hated for it's brightass coloring regardless of how good the animation was.
    Awesome! Who do you prefer Golen's group or the Dogma trio or is it a tie? xD
    Yep it did. :x
    You could see him camouflage into the background and you'd still question whether he was there to begin with!
    Oh that sucks. I save them on my USB so I have them just in case.
    That sucks, what was the last chapter Number again?]
    [That's true because if it did XY would be a hit.
    Is that a good thing or a bad thing? xD
    He also got beat up by the villains too...
    IKR? He blends into the background better than a Kecleon.
    Yeah that does suck. You don't have them save on your computer?
    Thanks. :( Btw have you gotten to work on BtB yet?]
    [Yep and animation while the characters, plot, interactions and everything else is a nightmare.
    Sounds about right. xD Did you expect that swerve where the OS like trio became an AG like quartet?
    He was kind of boring by then and did almost nothing.
    IKR? Brock was like an Abra using Teleport. One second you notice him the next you don't.
    Give or take, my chapters usually end up longer than I expect them to end up.
    Yep I am. :(]
    [Pretty much, I enjoyed battles from all series but the battles didn't make up for the lamer moments.
    That's true. lol In order from most to least goofy how do you rank Golen's group?
    I don't even remember his cameo tbh. :/ He was way better before.
    Exactly and degrading Ash and TRio for so long.
    I know, though I was already at 40% when I started working on it today. :x
    Yep, my plan is to finish a chapter every day for now till the end of the summer.]
    [Agreed even before it was only decent since AG.
    It's like Carly's the only semi serious member of the quartet. xD
    Me neither. If only Gary stayed like that. :/
    Same here! It's sad that that's how it might end but they had it coming.
    Good. :) I'm done with 50% of it already!
    :D I won't draw anymore pics till I at least reach the 20s.]
    [Me neither. lol XY episodes aren't worth watching and the only BW episode I watch are the ones where Trip pwns Ash.
    Damn. lol Has Vlad started to become more comedic as well?
    I'll pass. lol If I was related to him I'd differentiate myself and do something that isn't research.
    If the ratings and popularity continue to tank then that will change. :/
    Yep but I'll work on it and try and release it by the end of today so make sure to look out for it. :D
    Yeah. lol Though I;ll draw a picture that represents her better. xD]
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