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  • You can thank Armorandonomon for it.

    And btw just noticed the spelling error i made in our convo back in September lol
    Sorry, I just copied and pasted as it said. That's all. Besides...it was true where I used to live :/

    I deleted it now. Any ideas for Signature content?
    That you hit them so hard that their body pulls your leg off. I understand why you didn't understand, as I was not clear enough
    Just out of interest, do you get hitmarkers each burst? I picked one up on my first game in a while yesterday and fired a few bursts at a guy camping and the first burst didn't get any markers at all, even though it was dead on. You might be a victim of the game's shocking lag compensation as opposed to aiming badly or the gun itself.
    maybe so, or it could be lag like you said. I'm not denying that it's taking you all those bursts to kill, nor do I believe that you'd lie about it in the first place. All I'm saying is that, stat wise and for many players, it's a wildly OP gun.
    You're missing my point. it takes YOU 3-5 bursts, not everyone else. The CoD wiki has the guns STATS and DAMAGE and each players HEALTH and the videos SHOWING the gun in action, i don't see how you can dispute all of that and thousands of complaints based on your personal experience. It's your aim, not the gun. I've never failed to kill with the Type95 in more than three bursts even with lag.
    It is a three-round burst weapon and has a high rate of fire per burst. The Type 95's high damage and fast rate of fire lead to one-burst kills quite often, making it versatile in almost all situations. The Type 95 can kill in only two bullets within range, but suffers from high damage drop at range, so at extreme ranges it may take up to five bullets (two bursts with no more than one bullet missed) to kill.
    Just because you've had issues making 2 burst kills with the Type 95 doesn't mean it's a community wide issue and that the thousands of us complaining are wrong, it means you've run into an issue that hundreds of thousands have not.

    Since you seem tired of the argument in the CoD thread I figured I'd say this to you and nothing more on it, it's indisputable that the Type95 is OP.
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