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  • Well that's what they normally cost. But I buy directly from a distributor (aka the kind of person that sells them to Target).
    Only 5 packs because each one of the early releases comes with a folder and costs $5 +tax. And when the set releases I can get packs for $2.25 each. I'm not going to buy too many packs early when I can get them for half of that later. :p
    Thank you so much! I'm sorry I took so long to trade with you. Apparently I hadn't added your 3DS code yet!
    Alrighty. My timezone is Eastern Standard and I'm free all day tomorrow(or today, rather.), so I should be available anywhere between 12pm to 3am or so.
    Wow, that would be great! Thank you so much! I believe Manaphy will be the only one I need to trade for this time around.
    Oh, good! I'm so glad you got one! I'm sorry that I hadn't replied soon, though I really wouldn't have any more advice. Best thing to do would be to keep breeding those two with 5 IVs! It does take a while, but it eventually works! You're welcome and congratulations on the Miltank! :D
    Without a Pokémon that already has 5IVs, rebreeding with multiple Pokémon is pretty much the only way to go. For a perfect Pokémon, the absolute best way to go would be to have a 5IV female and (lacking Ditto)have a male from the same egg group with similar IVs. (Such as... A Miltank with 31/31/31/xx/31/31 IVs and a Tauros with 31/xx/31/31/31/31.) Since they're kind of difficult to get without a good Ditto, I'd be happy to get you a starting pair to breed together, if you like! They'd still take a while to get a perfect Miltank, but eventually you'd get one and it's much quicker than getting one from the ground up with Pokémon that only have a few perfect IVs.
    Not for catching one yourself, no. If you learn how, or know someone who already knows how, to abuse the Random Number Generator on the older games, you can get one that way. Though some do consider it cheating. (However it doesn't involve direct outside manipulation, so it isn't considered hacking.) I've heard that some people are pretty generous on Wonder Trade with some Ditto, so I would advise checking the IVs of any Ditto you get. Especially on Wednesday, since there's a "Wonder Trade Wednesday" thing going on, where people put out good Pokémon, so you might be more likely to get on then! Trading on here is also a pretty good idea, although people will probably want other IV bred Pokémon in return(which I'd be happy to help out with, if I can).
    Sorry I can't do any more to help, but I hope you can get a perfect Ditto soon!
    Don't worry, it's no bother at all! Hm... I don't think I have one on hand at the moment, but I'll go ahead and catch one for you!
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