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  • ALSO.

    Kalos Chronicles. What do I need to know before getting my SU up?

    ... And. Mind linking me to the SU thread? It's buried 8<
    [ I know. the first time I mistyped it was a genuine mistake, haha!]

    I know :)

    Mega Garde suits you :D
    [ I did, lol. Already made that typo and it seems a funnier name for ol' chompy then his official name xD]

    I don't have the energy :3
    Ha, I wish. Turned out that I actually wasn't done and had to work on it some more (because I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my research, a'ight), so I.... actually slept like 1 hour in the past 24 hours. Again. Um. BUT this time I actually sent the goddamn thing, so there's no going back. NOW it's done.

    Although tbh I will sleep for an entir eday after I finish the SU. Only reason I'm still up is to write that. |D
    I didn't notice the small burst in activity when I made that post. I'd love to help you with battles and such and I feel bad for not contacting you now first. Honestly I don't have much interest in my character or his relation to the RP so I'd like to axe him, but VM me if you need anything specific to the RP.

    Ive just been checking Serebii every few days for updates on RPs anywhere and finally gave up on it.
    I wish. It's 3 AM and at this point I'm alive only with the power of energy drinks |D

    Edit: No wait, it's almost 3:30 AM, actually. Great 8I

    Either way, make that finished SU be on Monday.
    Considering there's an underworld version of Storybrooke (which is also inanimate), I can't be surprised anymore. :p
    If this underworld doesn't have a Tartarus, anything is possible. 8D Maybe someone else "killed" her car sometime after she died, hehe. :p
    Aaand you actually have the game. Great. Now I'm jelly. Tbh, I'd probably use either Weavile or Garchomp, just because those two are my favorites. Now I really wanna verse you and beat your Gardevoir with a 'Chomp BD

    Well, I mean, the paper is like 100 pages (anddd 3 pages of sources, with a lot of them being academic papers that are 200-600 pages long), so |D It IS finished though, I'm just reading it through a gazillion times to tweak it, as well as double checking my sources. Shooould be done tomorrow, but that's what I said a week ago.
    Shhhhh. I'm here now. It's--- almost Friday. Except it's Sunday. At 2 AM.

    Also ha, I dunno if you watched the Pokken tournament, but if you did you would've seen Weavile beat both Gardevoir AND Charizard senseless 8P And snag the championship. Now that's a tough critter. Also I already knew your real name. I don't--- remember why, but I did.

    Andd thanks for the site! Gonna poke around it later. And sorry for never getting back on those negative traits |D Lemme do that after I get caught up on stuff -- like, y'know, the SU. Which I should finish. I'll probably be able to do that in the morning, as well as post once accepted. Almost done with paper.
    Hehe, you saw the light somewhat. :p Of course, there's the option of Sparklypoo...but I don't think I want to saddle Bianca with Sparklypoo, hehe. XD

    It's so cool how you gave houses with silver motifs (Ravenclaw is blue/silver in the movies) as possibilities to the three characters with whitish/silver-toned hair! XD I actually had two configurations, if it's only one house per character...

    Bianca: Hufflepuff
    Cal: Slytherin
    Alena: Gryffindor
    Mira: Ravenclaw


    Bianca: Gryffindor (for my reasons stated earlier)
    Cal: Ravenclaw (most studious/intelligent and has odd proclivities...also "all work and no play makes Cal a dull boy")
    Alena: Slytherin (the green/silver uniform looks nice messed up)
    Mira: Hufflepuff (generous, understanding and naive, but a stickler for certain types of "order")
    Well, even Gryffindors could be cheerful and friendly! Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs are the more extraverted houses (though you're way more likely to encounter a moody, brooding, lone wolf Gryffindor than a Hufflepuff) as compared to the more introverted Ravenclaws and Slytherins. And Bianca is very likely an ENFP (probably your only ENFP character)...it's one of the most Gryffindor types out there! XD It's more fun to speculate because they're all, y'know, British. How do you sort them, though? I want to compare your sortings with mine. :p

    Tim, I could expect...Max, perhaps. But not Andre or Leo, hehe. XD I think it could be the eccentric or artistic aspect of a Ravenclaw that got them those secondary sortings! Another hidden aspect that Ravenclaw might be associated with associated with is apparently beauty. Maybe your characters' love for beauty might play a part in that! Then again, I have a difficult time even getting secondary Ravenclaws among my characters, and they surely are beautiful temptresses themselves! XD
    sorry but you can choose one consumable and one equipment, not 2 consumables

    also, you don't necessarily need the magic glue to repair the door

    you may edit your post
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