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  • Hehe, don't we all just love Andre? XD Plus, Jessie is our resident Elphaba, so of course our resident Glinda has to be there. :p

    Whatever it is, she can't be all different shades of blue now that both her hair and eyes are blue! XD I hope they have that hairdo there, hehe. XD

    And who would be Glaceon? Nick, Natsume or Sylvia? XD Whatever happens, I wouldn't want Sylvia to be Flareon because...it looks the most "earthbound" among the Eeveelutions (and Flareon is also my least favorite Eeveelution...it's the least sexy IMO). XD
    Ngl, I'm really happy that you switched to Andre. I mean, its too bad you had to switch, but of all the characters to switch to, I'm happy you picked Andre. :3

    Also, sorry I never responded! For some reason I didn't notice the message in the little I'd been on SPPf the past few weeks.

    I think that it is good that FB is having the opportunity to change, because regardless of who or what caused the issues with it previously, there was obviously issues with it to the point where it just wasn't working. RPs are supposed to be about having fun ultimately and from what I saw the little I'd been semi-back, there was not much fun to be had. We'll see how it ends up, but something had to give at some point, and from what I've seen lurking so far everything's been handled respectably and fairly so I'm content.

    Same though, plus I'm self-aware enough to realize periodic bursts of inactivity thanks to rl don't help my position in the slightest. Terms almost done for me tho, so I hope I could at least let my opinions be known, regardless of whether they help or change much.
    Yeah, it is part of his backstory. The Popplios backstory could've been rewritten tto fit though. it wasn't as important as Swablu
    Good. :p I can't imagine Max without Swablu. >.<

    And finally, I'm done with Sylvia's SU. Now...make a Pony!Sylvia. :p So far, some of the Eeveelution assignments might've changed after all, hehe. How do you see them now? XD
    I think you should use Andre. Swablu seems very important to Max's storyline, and I'd hate to see no Swablu in his starting lineup. Plus, there's no guarantee that there would be wild Popplio around...unless you can create an NPC who gives Max one. The *closest* Fairy-type I can think of to replace Popplio is...Ralts? >.< But yes, using Andre is a good option too! >.<

    And yay, Jessie has Nevermore now! Nevermore would be the only one among her Pokemon to not share her "movie villain" nickname theme...he's the exception because Jessie is based on Raven Queen and thus, should have her Nevermore. :p
    Tip: change Max into a regular trainer and keep Swablu and Popolio?
    Although you'll likely have to change Popplios backstory, as the professor dude gives out starter Pokemon anyway.
    Lol, have fun with that. Gonna include a girlfriend or something in his History section.
    The main things are:

    Do I like the plot?
    Do I have a character I can use for this?/Am I inspired enough by the setting to make a new one?
    Are the RP's mechanics easy to understand?/Do I even like the RP's mechanics?
    Who else is joining?
    And magic? :p
    I'm certain he will. He's a little similar to my character, I am certain they'll get along just fine~

    A nice touch of change if you ask me. I almost went with a Dark Mage for the FE rp. lol
    It likely will. lol. Only with FE references. The two are very similar to begin with.

    Oh yeah, that one lol. I'll get to it after lectures today. Notice how im trying something new and using not douchy characters? lol
    Eh, makes sense to me and the rest of the world~ lol.
    That being said. Troubadour Tim! Looking forward to it!
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