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Monster Guy
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  • That sounds more like it. Being recognized as royalty along the way due to their fancy way of traveling too?
    Depends on where "There" is. I can imabine Bianca being all like "lol i wanna fancy carriage" while Raphael wanna be more incognito.
    Kinda wanna post again in Broken Fairy Tale, but don't know where to go from here. any ideas?
    Hehe, too bad they haven't released the rest of the Star Darlings in Deluxe form yet...I think you'd like Cassie too! She's a different pink! Kinda like...cotton-candy? XD

    Shopkins Shoppies? Ah, I personally think this one and this one are the best-looking ones, among the ones I've seen so far...the worst is this one...what a terrible "bridal dress"! >.<

    Well, there aren't any really nice Switch games yet, so it is actually wise to wait until some games start coming out! XD

    BTW, what's the skin tone you used on Lorenzo? 2A +2?
    Libby? Damn, I expected that much from you. My best guess as to your first was Libby or Sage. Is this because you're a Libra, I wonder? XD I got Scarlet first, then Sage. Funnily, those are my two favorite signs. XD
    Yeah, Rene should have bug wings to set him apart! I dunno why, but I find him weirdly attractive in Pony form...I think it's the hairdo you chose for him, coupled with me loving glasses on ponies? And d'aww, Olive is so cute! You really did find that awesome Gracidea Cutie Mark, didn't you? XD
    Damn..now I want that! The dress is awesome! The pink boots are strange though, but I do love the fur tops! Hopefully those fur tops detach so I could give her blue or purple boots instead! XD

    Do you think this would be SDCC or not? I hope it isn't...would save me a lot of trouble! XD
    I forget that not everyone is obsessed with RPing as I am, but when I'm really hounding people for posts, trust and believe you'll know. :p
    Hey, mate, just wanted to make sure you knew I don't actually mind when you do 'hound' for posts (and that yeah, you really weren't at that instance). Ngl I sometimes get a little irritated if I was already having a shite day, but that also ends up becoming like 90% of my writing motivation on those days so I'm not complaining :p
    Welp, I do that. I'm king of misreading things, heaven kelp me. Mostly I just have to get in the habit of visiting the site, and stop being so gosh darned scared.
    Struggling. Biting off more than I can take. Y'know, the usual. [Idk, man, sometimes I feel like you get angry every time I come back, which makes it hard to come back? idk. I'm likely misreading your :p or smfn.]
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