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Monster Guy
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  • Yeah...

    I always procrastinate Mon. Well, the bulk of mine isn't due until Wednesday >_>

    Too lazy and I don't have the money. I'll be getting it back in a week.

    Of course you did.
    They probably didn't realize it .

    Ah, currently making an RPG right now while blowing off some school work XD. My 3DS died and I forgot my charger somewhere so >_>
    Wow XD.

    Pretty good, just got done with a five our Pokemon DnD session. o-o How about you?
    Good for you Mon! I guess you wanted to start up a conversation?

    Wonder Trade the rest.
    I'm going to have a lot of fun with them then...XD I guess white, purple and pale blue can also be added as secondaries because of Rarity. XD I can imagine her deciding the Kalos outfits and trying to force Nerissa into something silk or frilly. XD I guess either a mini skirt or something that shows shoulders for Stella in Hoenn? It's the tropical region after all. XD
    Sure, hehe! XD Udders beware! XD

    I'm in the process of creating different "regional looks" for Stella and the other two. Kanto-Johto counts as one, so there will be Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos designs...pink and gold are Stella's colors, right? Would she wear fur in Sinnoh? XD
    Hehe...I actually like it...War-Hero, You-Lancer, Me-Big Guy, GH-Smart Guy works the best, hehe. XD War claims that he's the group's Slytherin, and I'm no Hufflepuff...neither are any of us, hehe. XD
    War's the Hero, unless he's the Lancer and you're the Hero...what are your designations anyway? XD
    Thanks, man! XD Too bad you had to turn 23 before I turn 22. XD Sucks being the youngest in our 4-man band. Still not the Chick though...probably the Big Guy if GH is the Smart Guy and you're the Lancer. XD
    Oh don't worry, one more peg and uni and they're both getting locked down. That's counting current reserves being finished. Actually, gonna lock them down right now.
    Destiny Knot saves lots of time, though lots of it is with chance, and those BP items at endgame.

    Also dittos, Get a ditto for every IV, make children of both genders with decent ivs, have the children fall in love, etc etc
    Takes lots of patience and time
    word on the internet says there's an impostor god of Fairies trying to take my throne. Given that many normal types have become fairies, I the Universal ruler of Normal types hold Fairy-types under my domain, and thus I activate Fairy Lock to keep you in place *angry face of a god*
    I activate my god tier powers as the Mage of Void to redirect the blast into a pocket of nothingness.
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