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  • Speaking of, I'm still kinda bummed I didn't end up having a fairy in my team. I trained a Kirlia for a while (because I happened to get a good one right off the bat), considered Dedenne and the perfume one however you spell its name, but ended up with none. Maybe once I build my competitive team.

    Yeah, no rush.

    It also completely blocks Electric, which does neutral damage to Dragonite. But I see your point. Especially if he gets a Gengar, I want to avoid having my characters use the same Pokémon I do (most of the time. Kris and his birdies are different. Because birdies. Also Ho-Oh)
    Obviously I did not finish my SU when planned but I'm working on it again now. I'm chipping away at the Personality and History Sections.
    I've had everybody happen, and fixed it. But I mean I purposefully write run/walk instead of trot. It just doesn't sound natural to me to write.
    A guy and girl would be good, or you can gender bend Happy, which in all honesty would make his girly stuff well, normal. So you end up with a choice. But yea, the Lektra concept in general is my original character for Winx adapted for various other RPs. So glad you noticed. Lektra is meant to be from Zenith, and will be my character for a Winx RP. Lektra, fairy of electronics. It sounds nice, doesn't it? I've actually been using her in Titans, which originally had Tecna but I had to retcon that cause of a character expressing romantic interest in her. As you know, Tecna has a boyfriend.

    I seriously need a place to download season 5. They're not showing it on Nicktoons
    So plant necromancy and plant control. Genius. Keep going. I like it so far. What would you like help with, or just wanted to see if I liked it? I do BTW
    I can just imagine the steamy loving.

    I'm actually planing to train one as well (and I actually did train one for a while in-game). They can be a real beast, though usually my Garchomp puts a stop to them real fast. I probably won't add one to my team in any case either, it's like everybody seems to have one and mehhh. I prefer Klefki anyway.

    Also, Miraela will apologize for that slap later with another kiss. Yeah, I posted in SiN. Proofreading Echo now, and then back to writing my Autumn one.
    Wow, man, that sounds so messed up when you say it like that. But... eh, we get good battlers outta the deal. So breed them Fenny babies.

    But haha, one of my friends gives out Delphox in his Friend Safari, so all I need to do to get two perfect IVs is catch one there. Not that I need to, I'm drowning in Fennekin's evos, because apparently Japanese players want to give them out for everything. Meh. Fletchling is my next project, though. Good IVd, Natured, Hidden Ability holding Fletchy. Or a shiny one. Whichever comes first.

    Tell me if you wanna test out your 'Phox in a battle after EV'ing it. Always ready.
    Ah. Just got it earlier today and haven't touched it yet, explains why I didn't know. Thanks 8P

    Damn, now the Scatterbugs are rare, but when you try to find something else...
    Awesome, thanks.

    Haha, that's why I didn't MegaEvolve my Gengar. I need to be careful when to do it, since it loses its resistance to ground and gets absolutely murdered by Garchi's Earthquake.

    Heh, congrats! Where can you do those mock battles, btw? I wanna try.
    That's what I try to do to all Fairies when I have Dark and/or Dragon types on the field; kill them before they kill me because I fear them. 8P And you killed my Gengar too, mind.

    When you know, trade me one! I'll give you one of mine. I'm mass collecting them now anyway, because the Japanese offer some good stuff in exchange for them, hee.

    I ****ing love Klefki. I've yet to see a good one (apart from the one owned by this one guy in Youtube), but I really wanna put that adorable little Prankster to use too.
    Oh and, are you collection Vivillons too? Do you want an Icy Snow one or whatever the heck's it called?
    Nah, you didn't. You killed both Garchomp and Gengar and then some. That's more than 90% of my random online opponents could do so far. It was pretty close.

    Thanks, let's have another at some point! Also, a multi battle once JG gets back and War shows up. Never had those before, and they seem fun.
    If it doesn't work soon, I'll switch wlans and see if that works. This one's stronger though, so it'd be weird if the weaker one worked.
    Man, everybody uses legendaries, huh? But, yeah, sure, go ahead.

    My team is whatever I felt like training during my playthrough 8'D
    I stalked your convo and that got me really curious as to what the dirty word is, in what language and how can it be bad enough to need banning. I mean, Serene and Grace can both be used as names too, right? And I doubt the people in that country censor foreigners' names when they come in. Need to search for the language now.

    Ah. Well, usually when you breed, only three (if my memory serves me) random IVs get passed down to the child. But, if one of the parents holds a Destiny Knot, 5 IVs get passed. So, basically, all you need is two parents with differing high IVs (and, if possible, one with a good nature so you can Everstone it) and then breed until those five Ivs you want happen to pass down.

    I don't mind. My team's an ingame one too (although apart from a few stray EVs here and there, they are EV trained).

    Oh, right, time zones. Bleh. I'm bored because classes just ended, I'm sick so I can't go socialize or party, my teammate is too sick to work on our project, and I'm too tired to really do anything productive like study. So I'm just kicking random people's *** in random battles. Should probably post to places, but motivation, where are you.
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