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Monster Guy
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  • It is funny how paralyzation works. ThoI don't damage internal organs or whatever, It would be fun if you got shocked hard by trying to smooch me.
    Hey, make some MLP versions of the Legendary Awakening characters. >:T I haven't even seen Pony Lorenzo yet! They have a fairy wings option among the wings...that means Lorenzo has to be an Alicorn. :p Pink body or blue body? Kyle is easy...ice-blue body and pale blond hair with this, this, or this cutie mark...maybe this one if you want Aurora-themed colors. Kyurem is associated with comets after all. XD

    I'm excited to see Ally, considering that it's an all-new hair and eye color combination from me! There are dragon-like eyes, you know? 4th from the "Pupil" option...they're awesome. There are even dragon horns options under "Accessorize"...I love the option with 2 pairs of horns (2 horns on each side)! Body color...now this one's hard, because she can't be white or purple (Erin would be dark red-violet and Ivan might be some kind of purple too...plus Ally's eyes are dark purple, which looks bad with dark purple body and no way would she be lavender)...black body with her mane and eye color would be a very striking combination, or dark red body might also work as an unexpected option? When all else fails...Dialga-blue? Most of my characters' pony forms are blue though. Also, Ally might possibly be an Alicorn? Well, she can be a Unicorn, considering Dialga's head shape. But then, there are dragon wings, so Pegasus is a possibility? Earth Pony...doesn't seem draconic. Alex totally needs Dashie's mane. At least a Pegasus for him too, as well. Maybe yellow body to set him apart from Dashie? XD
    Yeah sorry i somehow missed that huge plot. Was in a hurry at the end of my post, so i skimm ed through the others. lol
    Oh. I read that. but it was so out of the blue and nothing really happened afterwards so i got confused.
    I like how our characters are basically Gardevoir and Gallade lol.
    I want that Gallidite in moon!
    I know! If I want to get around that, though, I just make my miis trans or NB or something.

    Tbh, I would like to continue FTFE? But like... you don't have to. Lucwell lives on wherever we want.

    Tbh, I may use Luc as Snow White/Freelance Mage In The Forest. Or I may use some other guy who really likes amber.
    Thanks. Naming is unnecessarily difficult.

    yeah, I agree. They can find him at some point.
    Working on my SU now. Would it be acceptable for Bianca and Raphael (The name I went with) to have a younger brother who was turned to stone?
    What can I say, I live to surprise :p

    Honestly I don't know if I would've if I didn't have my old D&D character mostly ready to use. On the other hand, there was a disappointing lack of bards so.
    She also owns a Chandelure, which adds to awesomeness. Not a fan of the name though.

    Probably will. it is 1:30 AM here and I am not even remotely tired... Too hyper to be productive as well..
    Bianca though.. Reminds me of that weirdo from BW.

    Nah. Not a fan of Oliver. The whole thing about the name is the weird accent. lol.
    my bully was named David. I cringe literally every time i see the name.
    It is quite obvious what kind of guy my guy will be, basedon what i have so far. I have the plans ready.

    Olivièr Lionheart though. I kind of dislike the surname. But the first name sounds french. I can come up with something else.
    I have the basic outlined.

    Bianca is a poor name for a royal of the time. It is as racist to basically name her white y'know. Not going there tho. It is for a name, nobody cares what you call her, as long as she is not named after like, holy prophets etc.
    Considering Olivièr, or something fancy for my guy though. lol (My shiny Decidueye is named that.)
    Going for chaotic neutral. It goes well with evil without actually being evil, and it fits well with his rebel nature.
    Dont have a name for him yet though.
    Neutral impure, is that even a thing? Gotta google that. (Not finding good answers, help me out here?)

    Considered it, but that would be too obvious. like the contrast btw?
    He is the older brother type, with a dominating hint of rebel, spiced with nobel douche.
    WIP is up. I'll work more on him tomorrow. I am very open for suggestions for personality and the likes.
    He is going to be protective for Bianca.
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