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Monster Guy
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  • She won't be back on weekends trust me, she moving four states away though she'd will be back for the holidays.

    So it kind like Mewtwo evolution thingamabob (I watch a related movie) in which he temporarily changes or how Castform changes with the weather (or digimon like you said). I still think it would look better red. The thing is I didn't mind Tangela, it even grew on me when I used it but Tangrowth even though he's technically stronger is just... blah... maybe it is its design. But maybe it's just me, I dunno it is the first pokemon I've ever outright hated. Then again I'm two (main) pokemon game behind; I still hadn't obtain Black/White.

    Well thank you very much for that, Monmon. I will still be stalking the thread however.
    I only occasionally stalk when I'm interested.

    That's good, everything is fine on my side. Though my little sis is breaking my heart by going far away to college.

    I'm just staring at him and I keep thinking it would look better if the brown was red. It'd be like blood on his paws instead of dirt... I just want to call him Dusty... or Rusty. I find that there are some pokemon I prefer didn't get another evolution... Tangrowh, hate that pokemon.

    I had my character done before you switch Leo from a Togekiss to a Gallade and realize it couldn't learn Wish. I've been tweaking the sign-up every so often too. But you don't have to break the game for me; I'll just wait and see if someone drops out, hehehe~ If not oh well, life like that sometimes.

    I have a couple of places I need to post in so I should really be getting on that.
    Hello Monster Guy! ..... *Is totally stalking Autumn Nights RPG for openings* How's it going? And what the heck is that weird Lucario thing as your Avatar? *still stalking* Since it been quiet I'll try to post a reply to Andre in the Cross x Sin RPG soon.
    Gallade'd be perfect, but I'm going with something else to prevent duplicates, yeah. I'll do a little research and come up with something.

    Also hey I'm back now I bet you missed me.
    OMG, Mega Evoltuions! D8 I feel like this Meta game is going to be broken AF

    I want MegaSableye now!
    Yeah, I'm working on it. Just been busy; band camp started up last week and I haven't had much of a break since.
    My cloth is a Houndoom XD. I meant for his AN Super Hero Name XD. I guess you could say he's moreo f a fun-loving, outgoing trickster.
    Ironically, I concidered using the same avatar you just changed to before settling With Barry. lol
    No lol. I actually based him around my personality. I'm quiet, shy, kind, but get angry when me or anyone I know gets insulted. I only picked Dragone because it's my history teacher's last name and I thought it sounded cool lol.
    Psst, come over to the other side. The Contest Stella designs wearing the diamond shirt are waiting for you. XD
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