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Monster Guy
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  • No. I\m making Cal blonde this time. i Might change his first name though. Not sure yet. Same parents. Cal is heir to the throne, although he does not feel very good about it.

    Yup. like I said. He is the older one. He does not want the throne though, but circumstances makes it so he can\t refuse. Does that makse sense and sound good?
    I am not in a situation where i can post it, but I will try from my phone and post Callaways SU as a WIP. what was the name of the RP we originally used them_
    I will see how it goes in the plot.
    However, our duo needs us both to be active, and due to the recent lack of literally everything, Can we pull this off?
    yes. I do school when drunk. Of course. it is like 9 PM here, on a friday.

    Kind of does, tbh. i'll see to the tweaking tomorrow. probably gonna change his oriantation, amongst a few physical traits.
    I am all for that. I will have to tweak Cal for it, but I am up for it. may we discuss this in detail tomorrow?
    In the Broken Fairy Tale RP, do you mind if our characters know one another? I was thinking that my character could be a singer for the royal court, performing for their pleasure. Our characters wouldn't have to be best friends or anything, but at least know each other enough that we can properly interact with one another.
    Apparently I found a shiny Mimikyu for both genders but I can't find one anywhere in my PC boxes.

    I really hope it's because of the QR code thing.
    Witty observation? .-.

    I'm on Alpha Sapphire and everything is tiny but some stuff feels so faster.
    Okay just so I don't leave you out, I have a question regarding RPing advice as well:

    In what way could one make their character's personalities seem more lively? I'm struggling to bring out Leslie's intelligence at the moment along with creativity and I can't find anything to bring that up in an exciting and lively manner. ._.
    Norwegian slang don't worry about it.

    Then type a few more. You can do that and more.
    Because that is mostly in character. Also it is not my domain. Enough about that.
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