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Monster Guy
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  • Your avatar is a woman who has half of her body chopped off. I think she needs to see a doctor.
    Why do I suspect that you have an entire folder full of those. Where do you even get them, seriously?
    It's a log. Omg Mon plz.

    Stop procrastinatingand get it done. I'm getting a new computer tomorrow since my Mac died, so I need to see if I actually have something to work with.
    Because he's U-G-L-Y, he ain't got no alibi, he ugly!
    I love you now. for the sole reason of knowing this song.
    Eh, I'd include this one too.

    The differences are few, though he's a cool character nontheless.

    Exactly like that actually. Maybe with a Cleffa or something instead, but definitely like that lol
    Not until he and the other PASBLers make...the PASBL seem more welcoming. I tried one match and my opponent kept spamming me "Order". .-. Hmm...I'll see.

    No one has updated the OP since forever. And MY ACTUAL NAME? Nope. nope. I'm just going to click the left arrow button that points in the opposite direction. Plus it's bad enough Tangy asked me for my age. I know not to feel crazy about that but...uncomfortableness.
    I don't know, the whole concept seems...bizarre and confusing. What the heck do you even do in it?

    And what's this thing? :eek:
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