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  • Apparently it used to be a Water type Pokemon RP. That means it was in the days before Lumineon, Samurott, Skrelp, and Primarina existed!
    Ah, I've been a bit busy for the past few days. I've written an outline, and I'm thinking I'll do the boat ride to get us to Unova quickly, don't wanna hold up everything
    Why is it called Fizzy Bubbles?

    I had an older friend here that did this but I never got an explanation from him. .-.
    Tangeh beats Dragalge at Apples to Apples
    What do I do? She's invincible.
    If the Switch isn't compatible with the Switch, what is it then, nothing?

    I am. You can Schade just took up Koko and Bulu. .___. Plus they're genderless. :p
    Why didn't you leave that mistake unnoticed.

    Someone showed me an awesome image describing me and a few friends here and this same one works for us too!

    Schade can be Tapu Koko
    I'm Tapu Lele obviously
    You can be Tapu Bulu
    And Tangy can be Tapu Fini!
    I don't disagree, but at the same time I feel only slightly hypocritical considering who my second character will be. xD; Only slightly, cause he definitely is no longer me even if he once was.

    Iris: F*** the plot! Unfortunately the plot might have to wait a bit; she'll come around but there must be the token angst first. Which is what's taking so long dammit, it just keeps going

    An insect cyborg reborn twice over too! That'll be trippy, especially if I get to go with what I've headcanoned. I've decided that the most logical explanation for Genesect is that this RP is before Team Plasma. So, at some point in the future after they create Genesect, he gets Dialga and/or Celebi to send him back to the past because they told him he was in the past and the time loop needs to be closed. Then in the past he shows up (from the perspective of the past) out of no where and everyone just goes with it. Therefore, Rene/Genesect exists in a state of alive, dead, reborn, and not reborn all at once! xD

    ...I may have thought too hard about that.
    Lol man, that was a quick 180 in opinion. xD

    Iris is the one in denial. Less so about the powers specifically though, and more the whole "hey-you're-the-thing-your-family-worships-and-has-basically-been-the-cause-of-your-tense-familial-relationships-nbd" thing that make her not want to acknowledge anything about it including the powers. If it weren't for that she/her inner pryo would probably be pretty enthused about them.

    Rene on the flipside is completely on board, at least in the abstract out of pure curiosity. I'm sure there will be more hesitation when he discovers the "legend reborn" part.
    Lol, you seem to have a character type I guess.

    But all of these are Drew's. *shot* Seriously though, I've started thinking of as his and it just feels weird to give them to a different character. Pseudo-exceptions being Sammy the Duskull and Lexi the Purrloin, who I sort of was already headcanoning as being close to future characters even though they're still Drew's. Luck and good timing with end-of-year account cleaning, pretty much. My most recent three were all from people freeing up slots for the new year. :v

    Lol, that would take a great deal of luck, my friend. :p

    Surprisingly, I actually am writing that! It's just taking a while as I did not fully realize the corner I was writing myself into, with a character in denial of the whole thing. I'm at 13k words and nowhere close to being done OTL Ultimates on the other hand is the lesser of my priorities, for that exact reason.
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