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  • Heh, I always saw Lilly's motif color being scarlet myself. XD GH told me that Dani's is crimson and Cesaire's is dark purple. XD Yeah, like in every game, every character has a motif color in my head. Like...Aika is probably lavender or periwinkle, Alistair is emerald green and Carina is our pink gal. XD Am I wrong in thinking that at least 3 characters are duking it out for shades of orange? XD
    Yeah, everything's okay, just been bedridden (that the word? It looks funny) and busy and gah. Nothing life-threatening or zomgserious though 8P

    I don't seem to have missed all that much...? Apart from the Persona rpgs and the Yggdra union one, at least.
    the game of pokemon family feud has begun.
    you are representing team kyogre in the first round.
    Best of luck :D
    I also like the 3rd one for Alistair too. XD I used that for Hanged Man Michel in the Echo of Time Tarot (I think I need to revise that one soon. XD), so using it for Tower is definitely new. I think I may use the one you picked for Janna as Cesaire's, considering I already used it for Death Carly in the Echo of Time version. XD It's almost like a cemetery too. XD Janna's...I might just have to go with the first one, so I don't end up repeating (It actually has dark skulls in the background...looks like the Underworld). XD I'm working on Hierophant Lilly now...I found her special hairdo already...still ponytail-ish, but lower and definitely different. XD

    Math? XD Ironically, that's my favorite subject, unlike all my characters who hate Math. XD I think GH is a senior or is taking graduate classes. XD
    Mon, since GH hasn't been online...I need a bit of your help. XD You see the background options I gave GH to help me decide which ones to give Hanged Man Cesaire, Death Janna and Tower Alistair (The Dark Trifecta..XD)? (Stalk the convo as usual. XD) Can you help me choose who can go with which? XD

    I got the feeling that GH is drowned in university coursework. XD Me too, but not as much because I'm a year or probably two years below him/her (I'm currently a junior) and I got someone a year above in the same course helping me out majorly. >.<
    Hey Mon, Delta again. First, Happy belated birthday! Second, mind posting in the Yggdra Union RP? I'm a bit worried about it.
    I just checked. Yeah, you are one card short. I think your character would take that as a challenge though. Sorry man.
    The hell? Your weapon card is Chairot, but that's the knight card. Give me a moment, I'll look at the SU thread again, see if I can help with this
    Huh. I thought that when an Undine used Blizzard, it would become Diamond Dust. That would mean that your character might be one card short. Right?
    Oh dear...things might get awkward between the two...funny awkward, but awkward. Oh, would you like to join the Skype group DVB formed?
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