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  • Yeah, I have noticed that before I've put my SU, so I knew already back then Kelly will have a horrible time whenever Alice's around her XD I think I'll send a little message to Paradox just to remind her :p

    Everyday is never Kelly's day, she's pretty much the opposite of Leo with luck X)
    Whoops, my bad. Editing done!

    And speaking of editing, I realized later after posting and went to bed yesterday that I completely forgot about the Mad Hattress, with her knife and all T_T Oh well, I've finally added her into the mix and Kelly's reaction has been changed related to that, FYI.
    Hehe, Leo has no idea how fortunate the "unfortunate" pipe bursting was =P Sweettooth can definitely use all that water.
    Yeah, I have a bad habit of editing in important/relevant stuff I thought of only juuuuuust after posting, or simply forgot XD Sorry about that ^^;

    Bad luck you say? Whenever that happens when around Kelly, that would put her unluckiness/clumsiness level over 9000... poor her XD
    True that (about the favor), and I agree :) But I think with Leo on Kelly's side, it's almost a certainty she finds her comb X) Thanks for the info! :) I'll likely put in my post tomorrow! (or should I say in about 24 hours, not knowing what time zone you live in... X) )
    Hey Mon (just realized thinking/saying that out loud sounds like a stereotype reggae guy XD ), related to the Teen Titans' RPG, would it be possible to precise to me about what "Claire would make sure of that [Kelly doesn't find her comb]" exactly implies? As you know (or forgot XD ) Kelly can somewhat teleport, so it's possible she can find it, since Claire have no knowledge of her power yet. It's ok if you don't want to tell me to keep it as a surprise though X) ^^

    Oh, also reading in your conversation with GoldenHouou (sorry if that sounds like stalking ^^; XD ), although Kelly would've probably want to negotiate the "terms of the game" (knowing she's at a disadvantage being tired and not knowing her way in the city), yes, she'll definitely look for her comb (after all, I did mention she'll do anything to get it back). Oh, and as a +1 bonus in time-saving, she could always try to teleport around to find her comb, but ends up appearing by mistake where Leo is (thanks to her inability of fully controlling her powers) like you would like to plan :) And extra bonus: Leo could definitely help her find her comb ^^

    And speaking of combos with Kelly and Leo, I thought of a devilishly good one: Leo, being a luck-inducing hero, could probably cancel out Kelly's unluckiness (both in her usual clumsiness and more importantly/helpfully her powers) so she can finally have full control of her portals X) But for fairness' sake, it would be a good idea to not make it work all the time.
    Heh, being original is hard, but that's the beauty of it - having a challenge. 8P

    Let's hope she will. Moar interaction = a good thing.

    See, that makes a world's difference.
    Alright, good! I mean, not good that he won't be able to do something, but good that you didn't want to join anyway. Wouldn't like holding you back. Yeah, his power is a difficult one; either it's too weak or godmodes the **** outta everyone. But I trust you can figure something out for him.

    Yeah, I've seen it 8P You could do that, provided Kelly actually does go after her comb.

    Really? I always thought the US followed a similar schedule to ours when it came to semesters... 'pparently not. My spring semester started on 9th of January, and ends 9th of May. Cue two months of summer vacation, yay! And then the autumn semester starts around the 18th of August and ends... uh, around the 22th of December.

    EDIT: Two months of vacation, not two weeks, gah.
    Err, whatever you want him to do? Try to help (at which ST will just tell him "No, calm down, I got this!"), take cover, stand around, pick his nose... limitless possibilities! 8D Sorry if you wanted us to join the fight above, I just know I couldn't handle posting that frequently right now.

    Whoa, wha- your next semester starts in a week? Where the frick do you live, man? o_O Asia?
    Eh, not your fault. I'm sure you didn't plan on everyone on the Gijinka Alliance side to attend and then start disappearing off of the face of the planet. I probably would have tried to crash the party, but it was extremely deep in Gijinka Alliance territory. If it worked, it would undermine the Alliance's defenses and the rebellion would probably take advantage of that. But if it failed, me and anyone else that would have joined in would have been royally screwed. I figured it was way too early to think about attacking Gijinka alliance locations in Johto, so I just decided to let it play out and I figured it would be a quick exposition event before everyone geared up to deal with the rebellion. So yeah, I was pretty surprised when the whole thing went dead for days and days.
    Don't worry about it, I expected it since I have started to write that particular post :p
    that would be correct!

    idk but all that matters is that I finally got a chance to ship them. ;3

    in a completely different setting with drastically different circumstances and personalities, sure, but I still got too :D
    Ahhh, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up :3

    And yes i am full of surprises B)



    srsly. I was totally expecting to use Corvin for this but then BAM Corvin had a kid.

    Bonus points for you if you can guess who the mother is ;3
    As I stated before, neither of those two really interest me. xD;; I was going for Cobalion, but when I go to post for reserve the last one I see is for Cobalion. lD I was just like "I have a GREAT sense of timing for these things."

    But yep, if it all comes down to it, I guess I'll take one of 'em~ Or maybe Mew, should it ever be added. :3
    I just finished school for the day, so eh. xD

    Weeell~ since everyone seems to be using new characters for this, I obviously wouldn't use Lunar. :3 Although it would be pretty funny. xD
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