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Monster Guy
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  • It's about these Gijinkas who get kidnapped and find themselves on an abandoned island, with a group of Gijinka hunters called... Hunters after them, who want to extract the Pokémon souls from the Gijinkas to make something called the Golden Chain. But the Golden Chain thing is completely irrelevant to the RP =P There will be some killing involved, though, but no blood and gore. Like it?
    Congrats on getting into FB! Sorry I didn't help you, completely forgot about it ;_;

    Anyway, do you have room for another RP? I'm making a new RP (a GIJINKA one, you'll be glad to know), and I was wondering if you wanted to join.
    Hey Mon, sorry to bother you, but I was just going to ask whether or not you are going to make a post in the RP, or if I should just go ahead and continue with the new episode.
    Cool, PM me what you have for now if you're still on, and I'll PM you Corvin's agenda in the morning. Had to type up a school paper (which I completely neglected to do until Saturday night :D) and am incredibly tired right now.

    K, glad to know you have one, 'cause I'm planning on getting one for FB.
    *shot for unresponsiveness*

    I'll PM you Corvin's agenda. Also, if you want I could help with mini Lily's profile, if you don't have it done already. Call it repayment for pretty much ignoring Beckett's profile from a month or so ago. :p (I actually had meant to respond to that, but had to go and ended up forgetting about it until you had pretty much finished it :D;; )

    ALSO, you have a UPN account right? Is it pretty much the same there as it is here?
    People, please try to stay active in DBA! I don't want this RPG to die, and I suppose that it wasn't your intention either when you signed up for the RPG.

    So stop being lazy or whatever you are and post!

    Hey, I was thinking of something. Would it be ok if the Cosmo I'm playing be the rebirth of the Cosmo from Sonic X?
    When do you think you will have your SU up for my pokespecial rp? I kinda want to start the rp soo.
    -@MiGo :)
    I am I the only one who thinks Project Legends should be in the Unova anime, and have Burgundy be child of Mew?
    ^ If you want to.

    Also Slipomatic quit.

    His character hasn't done much, so I'm wondering if I should make his character an NPC, or find a new child of Mew...
    I'd post this in the discussion thread but I'm technically not a member of the RP yet. xD;;

    Anyway, there's a pretty easy way to determine if a character whose owner quit should become a NPC or just re-open the spot for others: If the character in question has interacted with any other characters at all (baring those of the same owner), make them a NPC. Otherwise, just say the character in question never existed.

    On a completely different note, I finally have a working computer! =D With luck I can focus and complete those profiles in the next few days.
    I am withdrawing from Project Legends, partially because I never really got a response to my questions and that none of the co-gms answered either. I hope the rpg continues well, but I'm dropping out sorry.
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