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Monster Guy
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  • Hi Monster Guy there was some person with the exact same username as you on PS that somehow found me battling! Weird right?
    I'm aware, that one will be up at approximately 11:00 PM tonight. *dawn voice* There's no need to worry!
    If you are recieiving this, it is because you nominated someone in season 8 of Pokemon Big Brother. Where would you like to see the series go? I have the story planned out to the end of Story 3. Should there be a hiatus after Story 2, Story 3 or should we continue but just not do any story and have the seasons after have no story?

    I would personally prefer going until Story 3 and then dropping the story for while, maybe forever. I am just doing to gather the thoughts of all who would like to give me there opinion. I can not improve PBB if you do not answer. It doesn't have to be a long answer, just an answer.
    If people don't see a Contrary Malamar coming, he's a beast!. I like to play Topsy Turvy, to mess with all those Stat-stackers.
    Also in doubles, with a partner knowing Role Play. for example, Infernape. Role Play that contrary, and spam Close Combat or Overheat.
    This is more what i had in mind for the music, tbh. Gaga just doesn't fit the club life vibe in my experince.
    Although I can work with it, so no worries, no worries, YOOM TAH!
    Well if it was a misclick that one mistake changed everything.

    Well it's not Clefable so there's 150 options left. :p Read it carefully, do some research on the Pokemon, and study each design carefully. You might just find it!
    Yeah I'm sure that Togekiss had Air Slash why did he think it was a bold move to just go with a Fighting type move?

    You can also steal the Spontaneous Serperior's answer in Jeopardy if you so desire! >:)
    *Looks at the video again* Oh...she didn't use me? ;_;

    Wow I never knew Dragalge looked like that back then. For a second I thought you both did this as soon as you both VM'd me about my mention of a mono-type team.
    Ouch. Your Azumarill left me in stitches. ;_; Maybe Kyurem was a better choice *runs*

    Now that I've seen that, Tangeh's Dragon Pokemon look like they're ready to crush me.
    In the actual game. Granted I really want to create it on Showdown but I'm too lazy to create it on there. .__.
    And now we are off to the depths of the ocean and nemo.

    How many characters will they cram in before the winter finale? :p

    Wouldnt you want to live in SB though?
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