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  • How is Emma the savior? Its usually aomeone someone else who does the work.

    Cora - Snow
    Pan - Rumple
    Zelena - Regina/The baby
    Ingrid - Anna/ A convient letter
    Queens of darkness - Urusula did her own thing. Maleficent is MIA and is hardly evil anyway and Emma killed Cruella.... harsh
    Aurther - Hades
    Hades - Zelena
    Jekyll - Hook
    And if we take OUATIW into account then
    Jafar - his own stupidity :p
    I know. I just watched it. ^~^

    Adore adore adore Jafar <3

    He had better be in the series more. He and the evil queen could really terrorize that town :p
    Durant Eater.
    This is impossible. How did you know me back then? .__.
    Normally I do a lot of research before I buy a game! But I don't think there's anything Pokemon can do to ruin a game for me at this point. I have full trust that I will not be disappointed and keep in mind that I'm not blind to the hype - I know the Internet has responded very positively to what's been revealed so far.

    I went into gens 1-4 completely blind. Gen V I'd done extensive research beforehand and I did not like the experience, and it's probably a factor as to why gen V was by far my least favourite generation. Gen VI I semi-avoided spoilers. I knew about the fairy type and mega evolution, the basic overview of Kalos, and some of the Pokemon beforehand. But I thoroughly enjoyed catching all of pokemon and especially evolving them. Exploring new things and catching new Pokemon is my favourite aspect of a new Pokemon game - so judge if you'd like but I prefer my Pokemon as spoiler free as I can manage. :)

    It is really difficult to avoid spoilers, so I'll have to gauge how much of an improvement my gen VII experience is compared to my gen VI experience before I opt to be this stingy with spoilers for gen VIII. xD because I still really enjoyed gen VI despite knowing so many key things.
    We were like best buddies since the golden age of 2012. We were in a club together that was filled with spam, jokes, and other cringe-worthy content. It was all amazing!

    That's until the club owner deleted it. But even then we both remained strong through this day!
    Is it wrong of me to actually get reminded of you when I saw Tsareena? You were honestly the first person who came to mind! She suits most of your female characters, as well as Andre! Stella particularly suits Shiny Tsareena...just look at it! XD In the Stella-Emil-Nerissa trio, I can see Emil with a Lilligant, and Nerissa with a Lurantis (not by intention, seeing as it's pink...but rather, a wild male Lurantis just happened to become her Scyther/Scizor's gay lover...or the Lurantis is Shiny, because Shiny Lurantis is green). XD

    I don't think crossdressing is a criteria for being a 1! Manly men can enjoy crossdressing for the kicks! I'd say Andre is a 2 or 3...he probably does a few action movie roles after all! XD

    It's fun to assign numbers, though. XD Felice is probably the most left-skewing character I have...and he's a guy. XD Rose is a definite 10 given her distaste for tears, tendency to resort to violent means and her love for fighting, drinking and showing guys up! Lack of cooking skills isn't a criteria though (my characters who couldn't cook are Rose, Ally, Julia and Janna), as most chefs are guys, and one could easily attribute lack of cooking skills to being too lazy or too "fine" for the kitchen! XD

    Finally! I have to admit that among the Epic Winter dolls, Maddie probably is the best one! Shame they didn't make Faybelle instead of Apple...Faybelle's blue version of the outfit was much better than Apple's! Apple is just so overrated. -_- Go watch it! It couldn't be more than an hour long anyway! XD
    Nah, wasn't going there in a while anyway. I don't mind being haunted, as long as the thing leaves me to sleep in peace
    which it is not atm.
    Newp. Woke up right after, at 2 AM, slammed the lights on, and nothing. Besides, I lock my doors when sleeping. Not expecting people to believe in this sh*t as i barely do so myself, but I've experienced enough to believe to a certain degree.

    I also saw the f***er walking out of my room towards the bathroom once.
    Yep! That's exactly how that do. Luc is just gonna lolbye and Archie's going to have to Compromise

    If you'd like, I can share the google drive folder with you.
    Ama is Ama, Bouncy is Nate, Grumpy is Kyle, FIGHT is Linda, Mom is Linda's Mom, and Punny is Camilla.

    Snow White doesn't kill a creature either, the huntsman does.
    I'm using six dwarves. Their names are Ama, Bouncy, Grumpy, FIGHT, Mom, and Punny.

    Its gonna be a draw or something. Because who needs powers when you can just be pretty?
    I never disliked a math course like Discrete Math in my life. Admittedly I did look up one answer only because I keep forgetting how negative integers work lol.

    Oh and why are matching gears so difficult? I understand now why the Klink line doesn't change much upon evolution: If you add too many at once, it'll get complicated.
    Interesting. Especially for Halloween-based RPs! And you can your avatar INVISIBLE!

    I'm also trying out the minigames. The math ones are so terrible at being an Expert difficulty. Why is 52 ? 5 = 47 considered brutally hard? I did like the cup game though. Love that!
    Ooooooh I see it now! It's just that all the bases looked somewhat similar to me lol. Thanks!

    There's some weird customization options though. Like that stitched mouth I stumbled on. .__.
    So I got introduced to the place where you go and create cartoon versions of the characters people create in RPs and I can't find the option to be a male despite looking everywhere.

    Where do I find this option? Because from the looks of it, I became a woman.
    I honestly do not know! I think it's because Mega Sceptile has the christmas tree tail? And a lot more "christmas balls"? Basically, it might be because regular Sceptile definitely looks the part of King of the Jungle, while Mega Sceptile might at first remind you of December! I'd have Mega Sceptile as Stone Butch though, just like regular...there's nothing feminine about a holiday or the month of December! XD I also think that Lilligant, Tsareena and Lurantis should switch places...Lilligant is elegant, wears a long dress and doesn't have visible weapons, while Tsareena's dress is shorter and she kicks, and Lurantis wears pajamas and has two sickles! I'd have Lilligant - 1, Tsareena - 2, Lurantis - 3 (I have an odd headcanon with the gang of Stella, Nerissa and Emil after noticing these Grass-types...I think one could have Lilligant, one could have Tsareena, and one could have Lurantis). XD

    André is a 1? Good lord, I would've guessed that he was a 2 or 3! My characters...umm...Felice would definitely be a higher number than Andre, so he's a 3 1/2 or 4. If Stella is a 2 and Emil is a 5 1/2, then Nerissa would be much higher, as she hates pink (especially all-pink Pokemon) and picks on Whitney crying (and Whitney is a 3 or 4)! XD Oddly, my female characters might tend to skew heavily to the right rather than to the left! XD

    I can even do the whole Leonhart family!

    Kieran - 8
    Jules - 6 (scholarly but chivalrous)
    Orianna - 2 (Bianca is more spirited)
    Callum - 7 1/2 (an explorer, but still believes in fantasy)
    Bianca - 3
    Cal - 7 1/2
    Mira - 2 (tries her best to be a lady)
    Ally - 10 (reckless, violent, tries to initiate a manhunt)
    Haze - 5 1/2 (the most "neutral")
    Sybil - 5 1/2 (scholarly yet spirited, doesn't mind ribbons)
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